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Make your own children's book and turn your photo into memories that last a lifetime. Home--; Photo books--; Ready-made books --; Baby and children.

Children grow so fast: Yesterday they lost their first teeth, tomorrow they will learn how to use a tablet. Design a photo book just for your little ones. Select from our popular board book of funny story starters.

Children's Photo Books | Make A Kids Book Online

Don't miss a single second - take all the pictures on your mobile and your digital cameras and make a nice children's photo book to keep and enjoy your child's memories. As we know, being a family means to feel under pressure of pressure and that there are so many responsibilities. That' s why we make it as simple as possible for you to turn your pictures into high-quality, long-lasting children's photo album.

A simple path organizes your photographs and allows you to move them and adjust text, while the "Create my book" function is a great way for our professionals to design your book for you. and that' s why we're here to help.

Your children's photo book is also a great gift for godfathers and grand-parents. With our expert print and bind service, your memory is presented with clear, sharp images.

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"Only to let you know that I got the book today. "I thank you very much for your flawless services and for the beautiful book. "I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful photo book! "The book has just come in and it is perfec. He' ll DOVE the book (just like my daughter), thank you very much.

" "I am thrilled and can't wait to have it on Father's Day! "Shipment: We will create and send your book within 5 working day. The book is packed in beautiful light navy silk wrapping and comes in a sturdy case.

It'?s about the books: Every book contains the photographs and texts you have selected, resulting in a book that is truly special to your newborn. Made of bulky cardboard with a shiny surface to really make your photographs come alive. They are handcrafted and not undestroyable - it is recommended that you do not allow your baby to bite on the book, as this, like most of them, will cause them to get damaged.

When your book is used by younger people ( "dribbling" ones in particular!), it is advisable to choose the laminate book for more life. BRANDNEW: LAMPED BOOK! Now you can order your book in a thicker laminate finish - ideal if you want a more durable book that will stand up to younger people!

Because of the laminate surface the book is splash-proof and can be washed. Sides have a lighter, glossier appearance with a smoother, shiny surface. Barely an additional 3. 50 can improve any of the book designs to the new thicker lamellar finish. a... You' ll need 11 matching photographs for your book (except the'Photo' theme, which needs 12 photos) in JPGs.

Just click on the desired topic and you will see more pictures of the inside pages of the book as well as all information to store and share your pictures and texts. Photographic advice: Check out this great story on how to take the best pictures of your family.

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