Kids make their own Book

Children make their own book

Creating a pop-up book . I have made many books for my children over the years. I' m inspired by their interests, activities and concerns. If you are a younger child, have them draw their book as a series of pictures. Kids Made Modern Giant Crazy Crayon books won't be much more personal than this.

You can help your children make their own Tikatok book.

I have always been interested in the concept of bringing some of my children's sketches into book-format. When Tikatok, a Barnes & Noble firm that allows you to make a book about your children's tales and designs, contact me to try out their services, I was thrilled.

All I had to do was help my children with what they had to put in the book. First my children wanted to make a particular history together, with illustration especially for the book. We' ve come up with some choices, and my boy has written his absurd part of history.

Anytime my kids try to do something in particular, it just doesn't have to. I decided to turn this book into an eclectic collection of some of her tales, poetry and music, which included my daughter's amazing Simón Bolívar music. Unfortunately, since I archive everything they do at the end of each year, almost all of their works of art, even the really unique things, were put away, and many of their fonts too (although there are a few more on my computer).

So, I put the book together with what I could find, alternately for each child and with a few sketches. The compilation of the book on the Tikatok website was quite simple and visual. This can be changed by erasing text fields and pixels. Further lay-out features are the integration of text and picture, and you can also have several text fields or pictures on each page.

It is also possible to insert or remove pages, although the addition of more pages slightly raises the book's cost. While you can resize the font for each text field, the port does not use a dot name. There is a small to large slasher. That makes it very difficult to make the entire text format in the book uniform.

You seemed to try to circumvent this by having a match buttons that adjust the font sizes to the other text fields. However, each timeout you return to the text resizing screens will undo the last resizing you selected. While you can change the sizes of pictures and text fields slightly, it's clear that this is a tool for pasting rather than creatively modifying or reordering them.

If you put the book in your shopping basket, you can also insert a flap text for the About the book authors section. You can order your book in hardcover or softcover (with a start fee of about $18 or $15). Alternatively, you can order an eBook copy of the book for only $2.99.

The hardcover book was delivered in time and looks like a Dr. Seuss book. It is strongly recommended to add several pages more than the basic book offers, as a very long book does not allow this. The price of a book is about $18 for the basic hardcover, $15 for the basic software cover and $2.99 for an eBook down-loadable.

Then, what you are adding will make them great (or not!)! This would have made it much simpler to build a satisfactory compilation of her work. Notice: I got a free hardcover book for this reviews.

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