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Children creations

Kid's Creations swing sets are made of high quality redwood and cedar wood to ensure the safety of your children. Kids Creations Ltd. is committed to listening to you. Kid's Creations was born out of a love of knitting and crocheting. This offer for Kids Creations kids swing sets is already coming!

Buy our large selection of Kids Creations children's swings today.

Wood Swing Kits with Adventure & Security Feature

Would you like to put together your own swingset? You will find a large choice of wood swings, from easy to spectacum. But if you don't see exactly what you are looking for, we would like to ask you to create your own swings. Characteristics of the series: With swingsets made of import keder.

It is our value-based range of some of the most popular children's games. SCOTTY: Mr. Redwood: It is our low-cost line that presents our powerful red-wood game kits. Prime Minister Redwood: If you think of this show, think big. The range includes large playgrounds with a balcony, multi-slide, sandbox and cliffs.

Design-Your-Own: Try our easy-to-use design tool and build your own brand new swingset from the ground up on-line. Which is the right show for my kids? Please click here to see our serial comparisons table to get a deeper insight into the different serials.

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We' re going to alter the way you see a swings. Completely adapted for a full adventurous seasons, be sure to drop by and take a look at our range of original styles. Manufacture of swingsets, assembling of swingsets, designing own swingsets, swingset designers and do-it-yourself-swingsets.

All over Germany - You can buy our rocking kits as do-it-yourself kits or have them fitted by professionals. There are 32 branches for the proffesional installations of Kids Creations swings.

Creations by Crafty Kids

Be inspired for glittering, sticky, imaginative handicrafts - there are handicrafts for 5 min. or handicrafts for an afternoons full of enjoyment. Attract your smart kids who create amazing designs! If you are in the mood for a little bit of open space, simply fill out one of our outdoors walking arcs and set off on your adventures!

Here you will find handicrafts for every kind of weathers, every time of the year and for public and private use. Check out the Crafty Kids section on Pinterest.

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