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Buy our range of fairy tale books, classic books, audio books, baby and toddler books. Kid's Book Revisions: two children's book editors who lead an online manuscript revision class and provide editorial support. Childrens books online at the best prices in South Africa. Courses and sessions can be booked online. Note that you must book an adult ticket in advance to sell your tickets.

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Favorite fairytales, comics, children's poetry and books. Best children's shorts, posted once a week. Nurse, nurse, where does the sun go at night? Poetic works for kids, Nurseries, Limericks und Babysessions, which the whole familiy can appreciate. An Eugene Field lullabye based on images of Japan.

Review the best books on the internet for kids.

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More shameful kids who are more delicious than ever! Breathtaking compilation of precautionary stories now available in hardcover, e-book and even as an audio guide with the one Davidreads! In 2016's best-selling children's novel, The Midnight Gang, is an exceptionally heart-warming and fun tale of five kids in an infirmary - and looking for adventures!

This is an excellent portrayal of the connection between a little kid and his dear grandpa - this volume will take the reader on an unbelievable trip with Spitfires over London and Great Escapes through the town in a very octanous experience full of humour and hearts. This is a very collectible version of one of David Walliams' most popular and widely criticised books - ideal for old and new enthusiasts.

For the first the spectacular jubilee issue is illuminated in bright colours.

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