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Have won Sendak the Caldecott Medal and is a joy for children and adults. Typing tips for children by children's authors. Kids' books How to write exuberant rhyme stories. Kid's Need More Canada | The best children's books by Canadian authors, inspired by our beautiful country. Better Reading is happy to support Australian authors and we are delighted that you are doing the same!

The 10 best children's books of all times

There' s no kid who doesn't like to read; you just have to give them the right books to fuel their harvest. These 10 books are the ones that have inspired generation after generation of kids and no kid should have the misery without them.

Named by the School Library Journal as the "Top 100 Pictures Books" of all times in 2012 and by the National Education Association as one of the 100 best children's books for teachers, Goodnight Moon is a straightforward but endearing children's illustrated book that is highly regarded by kids as a bedtime novel.

The Very Hungry Katerpillar, one of the greatest children's classic of all times, pictorially depicts the development of the crawler, which eats its way through a series of foodstuffs to finally pucker itself into a pretty pup. Amazon says this children's story is on sale somewhere in the worid every 30 seconds.

Carle's textbook, which informs kids about weekdays, food and the life cycle of a baby was also supported by the Royal Etymological Society. 1963's most important US illustrated storybook for kids, Where the Wild Things Are won Sendak the Caldecott Medal and is a treat for kids and the grown-up.

It is about a young kid called John Max, who goes into his room in his wolves costume and travels to an unfamiliar isle where he meets "wild things" or animals. One of the best-selling children's books of all times and translated into animated and filmed works, Theodor Geisel has written and illustrated The Cat in a Hat under the pseudonym Dr. Seuss.

Sally' s childhood is about an Anthro-pomorphic female who shows up at Sally's home, makes a fuss while she and her little boyfriend entertain and clean up with the help of his buddies, Ding 1 and Ding 2, just before Sally's mom comes home. Inspirational animation, live-action movies, direct-to-video episodes and a videogame, E. B. White's Charlotte's Web is considered a classics in English children's books and one of the best-selling paperbacks of all times.

It' about a pork called Wilbur and a spreader called Charlotte; when the peasant is in the process of killing Wilbur, Charlotte uses her internet abilities to make laudable words for Wilbur to butcher him. This is a two-part show about a poor but very unselfish and thoughtful young man called Charlie, authored by the renowned English writer Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Covertly loving the Chocolatiers Willy Wonka candy plant, Charlie is hoping to see it from the inside one of these days.... to his amazement, Charlie finally becomes the legacy of Wonka's plant. One of the books that every kid must have studied at least once in his early years.

It was also one of the top ten books by the renowned writer J.K.Rowling when she was a kid. These books have received many awards and have also been filmed. Suited for kids and grown-ups, the classical of all times, Little Woman is difficult to categorize into a single one. It is about four nurses and their path from baby to woman.

In a fictitious country named Narnia with speaking beasts and fabulous beings and her sovereign, the White Witch, who has reigned for 100 years, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrub is the first of a seven-part serial by C. S. Lewis, in which four of the youngest Narnia's kids can be seen through his cupboard.

Recorded in TIME magazine's'All-Time 100 Novels' and ranked 9th on BBC's'The Big Read'.

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