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Not only because I'm number one on my top ten list of children's book publishers. A boutique publisher and online bookstore for children's books and youth literature in Cape Town, South Africa. Publishing house for children's books in India. Here you will find the contact details and address of the publishers and companies that publish children's books. The Abdo Publishing House "Educational publisher of non-fiction for children.

The kids

Mathilda is the most popular book worm in the whole wide underworld. In spite of these animal adults trying to tire her out, Matilda is an exceptional young woman with a magic spirit. You can now hear MATILDA and other audio books by Roald Dahl, which have been widely acclaimed by some of the most prominent singers, such as Kate Winslet, David Walliams and Steven Fry - plus a few squelchys from Pinewood Studios!

The Top Ten Children's Book Publishers

Publishers of image, medium and youth literature, awarded by the German magazine company Fire Press. We' re publishing great storyline inspirations with high level concept, new realms and fleshy character for kids, teenagers and demanding people. The songs we release tell entertaining tales. When it comes to being entertained, that' all at CBS.

Known as Templar Publishing since 1978, Templar has developed into one of the world's most prestigious publishers and packers of illustrative children's literature, novelties and libretto. Templar was named UK Children's Publisher of the Year and Independent Publisher of the Year by the Independent Publisher's Guild in 2008. Editor of the much-loved "Ology" franchise, to which the smashing " Dragoonology " belongs.

With four prints under one umbrella - each with its own unmistakable signature styles and voices - Little Tiger Press is a vibrant and bustling freelance press. For over 25 years we have been producing high-quality children's literature and are looking for the best young talents in the fields of typing and illustrating to make our readers' novels come alive.

Be it the recognition of colours and forms through images, the study of story through the use of interactivity in chapters or the encounter with mysteries and adventures through secure graphics fiction, children (and educators) select Cape Town because we unite. RAINT TREE - (Formerly curious Fox) An exhilarating new legal notice for young people of all age, now under the roof of CAPSTONET.

It is our quest to release fanciful, inventive and breathtaking novels that take the reader on a trip through new adventure and experience. As a publisher, Flashlight Press specializes in children's illustrated textbook with compelling fonts and excellent illustration that explores and illuminates the moving and funny aspects of familiar life and serenity.

They' re only publishing storybooks. You are not interested in conceptional, non-fiction, early readership, chapters or YA-romances. The Robinswood Press - Robinswood is an independently owned publishing house for education and children's literature, established in 1989. This is especially the case for those who have particular needs for study or a certain amount of lethenia, or who have just been "put off", or are emerging English-speaking people.

The Chronicle Book - Chronicle Book is an independant publishers that offers best-selling literature, children's literature, personalised literature and other special presents. Influenced by the continuing magical meaning of literature, our goal is to produce and disseminate extraordinary publications that are immediately recognisable by their mind, creative ability and value. We are interested in literature and non-fiction for kids of all age groups, as well as boardbooks, deck, activities kit and other uncommon or "novelty" publications.

Whitepaper - An independant book publishing company located in Philadelphia. Established in 2002, Quirk Buch releases 25 remarkably unorthodox titles each year. In addition, we release award-winning cookery textbooks, handicrafts textbooks, children's textbooks and non-fiction on a variety of topics. Not only because I'm number one on my top ten kids' book publishing lists.

New Crow is a young but light and imaginative celebrity in the field of publication that every readership or author should be aware of. The Nosy Crow is a small, autonomous enterprise. Since January 2011 we publish child-friendly, parent-friendly children's literature and applications. We received the Independant Publishers Guild's Children's Publisher of the Year distinction in 2012 and 2013.

We have also won many other awards for single titles and applications, for our achievements internationally, as well as for innovation and entrepreneurship. Jason JG Carnrike - Writer of the book of poems The R.U.M.P. Chronicles and more.

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