Kids Book Printing

Printing children's books

It has never been easier to print high-quality children's books. Vibrant colour hardcover and softcover book printing with archive-quality binding. Children's book print rates With the price function below you can immediately see how much it costs to make a copy of your book. The HIGHEST recommended is a small starting circulation of 100 volumes. We know from past experiences that there are almost always small changes that the writer wants to make after seeing the first hard copy, no matter how thoroughly he has checked the book before printing.

Don't be worried that the costs per piece are higher for short run lengths. Once you are 100% happy with your digital book, come back and produce 1000-3000 copies at significantly lower costs per copy and enter the children's book market at full steam. Children's book trimming size de-mystified!

The bleed was made by a digitally-operated printing house for the conceit markets and should not be taken into consideration by anyone who thinks they can buy more than ten or more. Every enterprise that calls this standard should be averted.

Printing children's books

Childrens textbooks are funny, captivating and will influence a child's future schooling. We at Gasch recognise the work that goes into this particular kind of book and provide a high degree of service to bring your book to live. Inquiries about full colour vs. monochrome for young adult, the number of pictures in the book, the kind of book jacket and book jacket and the kind of sheet of paper must be addressed.

We at Gasch are offering all our clients our more than 30 years of experience in printing. This allows small volumes, i.e. printing on demanda, to be produced at low costs. When it comes to children's literature, detail is of the essence, and one of the advantages of printing your book digitally is that it allows for continual changes that you want to make to your book when it comes to market.

It is a unique combination of colour constancy and outstanding print results. There are also many other benefits to the modern digitized environment that can reach or even surpass those of off-set printing, which means the highest level of professio nalism for your work. When you compare pricing between children's photo book printer or hard cover book printing, please feel free to do so.

As soon as you have a quotation, your book will be even nearer to the real world.

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