Kids Baking Book

Children's baking book

Learn more about "Kinderbuch des Kuchenbackens", write a review or buy online. That'?s the children's baking book. A weekly cookbook of Australian women. Purchase a cheap copy of Williams Sonoma Kids Baking book by Abigail Johnson Dodge.

Would you like your children to develop a love for baking?


We, too, asked the mum and dad for help, and some of them were tried out by mum and dad so that we could see how kitchen-friendly the schoolbooks are. Our favourite dishes were savoury breakfast, quick lunch, savoury familys and plain goodies - our favourite dishes were cakes and bank coffee cakes.

It also contains funny things to get your kids' minds going, such as making a homemade table cloth, a week-long home planning guide, and advice on making cereals. The book also contains advice on which formulas are appropriate for giving up a baby. It lies shallow on a cooking table, which is convenient when you take your hand in it.

With the illustration and large typefaces, it creates a more like a fairy tale book than a prescription book, which means it's especially good for kids who learn to use it. It is spirally tied, i.e. kids can leaf through the pages themselves and it remains open on a table.

Some of our favorites, such as chilli pepper, fruits and seeds sandwiches and susphi buns, are a delight. Tales are designed for kids between the ages of five and seven, but the book is for the whole group. A number of sweets and hearty dishes are available, subdivided into starters, main courses and deserts, such as cheesecrackers, quiches and fruits cakes.

It is currently only available as an e-book, but hardcover editions (with helix binding for children) are about to be made. It is very visually, with easy to read directions and many pictures. There is a section with hints for organizing a celebration, as well as leaflets on "disgusting food around the world", such as stink fruits (Durian) from Malaysia and Indonesia, goat broth from Palau and roasted tarantula from Cambodia.

This book itself is another light weight book that makes it especially useful for kids to work with. Subdivided by time of meal, the sections are thematized by a variety of books: Frühstück (The Naughtiest Girl), Elevenses in The Secret Seven, Picknicks in The Famous Five, The Faraway Tree in The Faraway, The Secret Island for Dinner and Malory Towers for Lunch and Afternoon.

What we like is the design of the manual, which makes even the most accurate baking game.

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