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Self-publish on Kindle and Amazon KDP and other retailers Featuring the well-known domination of Amazon and Kindle in the e-book arena, and especially in its almost ubiquitous mention in popular culture, there is a logical hypothesis that this is a global phenomena and that e-books and self-publishing must always result in the Kindle Store and Amazon writers. Kindle's appeal as a reader is particularly strong in the United States and some other English-speaking states.

Wherever I am in Europe, and I have been hearing the same thing from some of my British colleagues, the Kindle is a rarely seen piece of equipment. Among my boyfriends and my whole families, both in Switzerland and Australia, not a childle is owned by a soul I know. Whilst I wait at European airfields, I have hardly seen anyone with a Kindle.

When I showed my old Kindle keyboards to my French-speaking buddies, they usually have the same response. First, there is still a predilection for literature in Europe, so e-books are fighting for adoption. Secondly, however, is that they think a Kindle, in all its shapes include Kindle Fire, Look and Feel inexpensive and do not do much.

Is it Kindle or an iPad? But if I wrote this song again and spoke about the Apple iPad, it would be a completely different tale. I have all my French-speaking buddies too, and they sometimes even take e-books with him. See a lot of folks on a train on iPads and iPhones - and maybe also e-books in English, too.

That' s why I know why self-publishing and selling books are not just Kindle and Amazon KDP Publishing. Certainly, it is a very important publishing plattform, but one that is essentially restricted to a US-centered audience and very often also to prime members. Other parts of the globe are endowed and willing to buy e-books, but not only on Amazon.

Self-Publisher know this and already publish on a number of different websites and on-line merchants. Next phase of growing the sale of eBooks will come from different countries than the US, and it will not be powered by separate e-reading equipment, but by fully functioning trays and Smartphone, which also act as multi-platform eBooks readers and allow the purchase of eBooks.

Using a Kindle, you get Kindle protect your Kindle e-books. Using a tray you can probably purchase the same e-book from a range of merchants and maybe even DRM-free, so you can use a bought e-book on almost any gadget and securely back up and save your Library. Are there enough people outside the US who are reading in English?

The following chart shows the geographic locations of over 20,000 free copies of one of my books over a few short years. It was in. eub and. mobile formats, so it could be used on almost any e-reading devices from smart phones to notebooks.

One of the things this tested was that there were a multitude of English e-books out there and that there was a fast growing mart. Though as a self-published writer, are your e-books available to them, or are you only an Amazon KDP writer? Can you tell me what the latest Amazon Kindle e-book sales are?

Whilst it is noticed public awareness that Amazon Kindle commands e-book Sales, the reality for self-publishing writers is not surprising as you might think. There' s a large prospective e-book buyer target retailer other than Amazon. This chart is from the Author Earnings Report 2017 and clearly shows that Apple, Kobo and Nook are buying many self-published music.

Now, self-publishing isn't just Kindle. Draft2Digital and Smashwoords are ebook-suppliers. I' ve posted a reviewer of my reviews of Draft2Digital and Smshwords. Yet, however, after even publishing their own works to any of these readers, they seem as if by some kind of magic they are expecting their own editors to begin to sell their own editors immediately.

Whilst they are lazy posting Amazon Kindle book reviews on their own online community, most indie writers can't be disturbed or don't even know how to advertise their work. Do many writers know how to make a book linking in the Apple iBooks Store?

How many percent of my own publications are associated with Amazon? There is a promotional site for self-published writers, and each entry has four elective web sites for each of them. Out of the last 200 titles posted on the site, only two contained a Barnes & Noble and exactly zero a Apple or Kobo one.

All 200 contain a Amazon shortcut. KDP Select offers all of its registered writers tens of thousand of free Kindle e-books every single pen. However, are any writers who are not in KDP Select considering a free Smashwords or Draft2Digital game? Draft2Digital and Smashwords: What do self-published writers like?

Yes, I concur that many self-published writers do not distribute many of them. Yeah, Amazon and Kindle are big. So, if you want to be able to sell your notebooks, you need to have your notebooks on Amazon. However there is more to the e-book marketing - about 30% more where a little e-book sponsorship can help to supplement your earnings.

A simple way to disseminate the word about your e-books on Apple, B&N, Kobo or any other retailers your e-mail is available from, you can use general-purpose e-books links to give customers a option of retail outlets. Maybe make one of your e-books free on Apple, Google Game or Nook for a weeks or two to see if you can draw new readers. What are you looking for?

Occasionally, use eBook feeds on Apple, Kobo or Google Plays on Facebook or Twitter. That is, distribute the messages about your e-books a little further than just Amazon Kindle.

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