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New self-publishers may be confused by the choice between Amazon KDP and KDP Select. The Amazon KDP Select (KDPS) requires that you give Amazon exclusive selling rights for your eBook. What is the difference between KDP and KDP Select?

How is KDP different from KDP Select? Amazons KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is not exclusively. You' re not limited and you can resell your e-book at any other retailer, as well as Amazon Kindle. AMAZONE KDP Select (KDPS) is a requirement that you grant Amazon sole sales permissions for your iBook.

There is no other shop where you can sell your copy of your notebook. You can only buy it at Amazon. Amazon explains the exclusiveness of Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) digitally (ebook): When you register a product with KDP Select, you agree to make the KDP Select document available only through KDP while it is registered in the application.

You may only sell all KDP Select registered contents through the Kindle Store. It is not suitable for KDP Select if the electronic copy of your eBook seems to be available for pre-order, purchase or elsewhere (e.g. on your website, your blogs or a third parties' website).

The addition of new contents (e.g. premium contents, comments by authors, etc.) to a textbook that is available elsewhere does not meet the requirement for them being exclusiven. For the full terms and conditions of KDP Select, please refer to our General Terms and Conditions. You can, however, make up to 10% of your work available as samples on other websites and still sell your work in a natural language file form (including print-on-demand books) or in a file form other than electronic.

10 percent is approximately the length of the Kindle Free read. They can also e-mail a copy of your textbook to professionals to edit, correct, and help with other image review. For further information, please refer to the General Terms and Conditions of KDP Select. If you register a box set in KDP Select, none of these volumes can be provided on another plattform.

When we delete your work from KDP Selections for breach of exclusive rights, you can re-register it as soon as you make sure that it is no longer otherwise available in a binary file to use. To make sure you choose the best options, you must be careful when publishing your eBooks yourself.

Even if you are already on KDP, you should still make sure that you have made the right choice. Both of the following pictures show Amazon which options you like. When you choose this feature, your e-book will be registered with KDP for 90 consecutive working day periods.

Once you have registered with KDP Select, please review your KDP Select state and disable automatic renewal if you want your registration to end after 90 acres. This can be changed at any tim. Which are the advantages and disadvantages of Amazon KDP and KDP Select? In order to help us determine which Amazon publishing platforms are best for you and your Kindle books, let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of these two options.

There are no limitations on where you can put your e-book up for purchase, which is the primary benefit of the default KDP publication. Or you can read an advanced sneak peek. They may release and resell your e-book on any other e-book retailer, even at a lower cost, as Amazon states here that it no longer conforms in prices.

Since your e-book is available for purchase on all Amazon Kindle stores, your e-book will be available for purchase on by far the largest e-book retailer out there. Amazon. However you can still take the benefits of generating revenue on other merchants such as Apple, B&N, Kobo or others you select with your e-book aggregate.

We will not make your e-book available on Kindle Unlimited, Amazon's Amazon subscriptions for download. They cannot use KDP or Kindle promotion utilities such as Kindle Countdown and Kindle FreeĀ e-books. You will find your e-book on Kindle Unlimited, Amazon's read subscriptionservice. You will be able to earn 70% on your sale to clients in Brazil, Japan, India and Mexico.

Use KDP and Kindle promotion resources such as Kindle Countdown and Kindle Free catalog. Limitations of exclusiveness prevent you from offering your e-book for selling, or for free, anywhere else than at Amazon. When you have your booklets for purchase at other merchants and wish to register with KDP Select, you must make sure that all of your booklets are fully deleted by other merchants before you register.

For some merchants, this can take a few day or a few years. If you do not do this, it can lead to Amazon alerts, or even worst, the de-listing of your eBooks. Judgment - Amazon KDP or KDPS? When you want to sell your e-book through as many dealers as possible, then Standard-KDP is the right option for you.

However, if you are satisfied that your textbooks are only available on Amazon and have your Kindle Unlimited version and use KDP's advertising capabilities, then KDP Select should be your game. A lot of writers and publishing houses do this to maximize publishing potentials. I prefer to convert some of my KDP Select journals to KDP default for the summers and then for the year.

But the only thing that stands out is that you know what you are doing and appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of the two options offered. When you do, you can take full benefit of each of these options by using efficient promotional books. Do I need to sign up for Amazon Kindle KDP Select?

Choosing whether to enroll in KDP or KDP Select applies only to Kindle e-books. There are no limitations if you are publishing your books in a printed edition at Amazon with KDP Hardback, Createspace or Lulu.

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