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KDP Open Letters, Kindle Direct Publishing Dear KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). Corresponding to Amazon's own census I currently have 11 Kindle tracks on the list. This number stands for some of my textbooks, which are available in 2 different langauges, and the latest one is now available in 3 different one. Inadequate first page viewing in all Kindle publications; (3) Wrong voice lists;

(4) Disabled access to the world' s best press coverage; (5) Prevented donations from abroad.

I' m very grateful for what Amazon has named KTC (Kindle Textbook Creator). The KTC is a free application that enabled me to create two Kindle multi-media albums (The Royal Spanish Coverup and El encubrimiento de la Real Academia), each with integrated sound and film. In general, all of Kindle's default eBooks are cross-platform, InK Kindle, Kindle Fire, iPhone (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch), Mac, Windows and more.

The Amazon.com/ktc smallprint however explains that the sound and visuals in Kindle interactivity booklets are only available on Android and certain Kindle Fire enabled and currently not on iPhone and iPod touch platforms. Prior to discovering that I had been writing to KDP technical help in smallprint there to wonder why my embeded sound and videofiles were played well on Android and Kindle Fire drives, but not on andOS.

You stated that this is a "temporary" restriction in the Kindle players-not in my multi-media book. When they updated the Kindle iPhone applications, they told me that the sound and videos in my Kindle multi-media manuals would be played back seamlessly on my iPhone and iPod touch without my having to intervene.

Consequently, I (unfortunately) had to draw my KDP Select (i.e. exclusiveness for Amazon) for these two tracks; rebuild them with Apple's iBooks Author for selling in Apple's shops; build a website for each track to tell prospective purchasers why they need to select a particular release, dependent on their equipment, which is otherwise not necessary with traditional Kindle musicbooks.

In theory, this is resolved when Amazon upgrades the iPhone Kindle applications to playback the sound and music. On first opening, all Kindle titles I have been reading, mine and those of other writers, unfortunately point directly to the first page of section 1 or to the preface.

These are my Amazon and KDP friends: Have all Kindle manuals begin where they should begin: on the front page and continue from there. As with many Mandarin and Cantonese, there are also several official recognised officialese. Luckily, KDP is supporting the publication of Kindle textbooks in four of the most important Spaniards languages:

Unfortunately, the person who added these to the KDP did not know that they are all spoken in Spain. At present, they are managed by the KDP as BASKI, Catalan, Gaulish and "Spanish". This is not true, as in Art. 3 of the 1978 Constitution of Spain and in many other resources that I have written in my four on the subject:

Conspiracy of the Castilian language, The Royal Hispanic Coverup and The cover-up of the Royal Academy. In addition, you can still allow the use of Spain in the combo box, followed by a sub-menu that lists the four currently supported KDP language versions. Both of them are Mandarin like all four of the above mentioned ones are Hispanic.

Although Amazon has many local businesses, it is important for all of us that all ratings are synthesized globally. There' has been a betaversuch to have the Amazon. com is commenting to appear on some strange sites, but that has been occasional and inconsequential. Most of the Amazon shops (beyond Amazon.com) do not have the option of giving Kindle copies as gifts.

When someone gives a Kindle textbook via Amazon.com to a stranger who has never used Kindle before, it may work, but the stranger must first register for a US Amazon bankroll to get the work. On the other hand, the actual issue arises when the foreigner tries to take on a talented Kindle from Amazon.com and already has a Kindle lib.

I got a warning from one of the recipients that he had to delete his Kindle collection to receive my present, and then connect his new collection to Amazon.com instead of his existing one. He' d have to buy back all his accounts. Come on, Amazon! The Allan T├ępper Amazon authors page can be accessed via books.AllanTepper.com, which forwards the Internet to the nearest Amazon shop and the Amazon website.

The Castilian version of this article/open cover is also available as KDP, Kindle Direct Publishing. This open letter/article is also available in Spanish as an Open Brief to KDP, Kindle Direct Publishing.

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