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Self-publishing? Making Amazon KDP paperback books has advantages When you use Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), you've seen the ability to make a pocket book under your Kindle Ebook options when you are creating a new one? Not yet, because I'm puzzled as to what the differences between KDP Print POD and Amazon Cratespace are. Kreatespace has more functions - some of them come to KDP Print, Amazon says, but why the new Print On Demand (POD) feature?

Can you tell me why Amazon offers a new printing programme? All I can find out is that KDP is a simple (more or less) one-click feature for the writers who find creat space daunting. I' ll confess that I intend to release POD on Cratespace.... as soon as I find the timeframe.

I' ve done some research and couldn't find much new information about Amazon's new alpha iPod feature. It' not that it's that new, it's been available on your KDP datasheet for month, but Amazon sent out an e-mail last weekend to promote it: The publication of a pocket book can help you to get new audiences.

With KDP, your books are printed on call and your print cost is subtracted from your royalty, so you don't have to prepay or maintain stocks. The KDP program will update your titles meta data on the basis of information (book descriptions, category, keywords) you provided when you set up your eBooks and against it.

You can also get fixed license fees for paperbacks and eBooks sold. See composite reporting and easily organize your printed and eBook publications from a Web site. Now that Amazon is proactively advertising the new application, which is still in phase II, you can expect that most errors have been fixed.

Any good and good, but are there any advantages to the publication of paperback books of your e-books? Accessible to more people - some people are unaware that they do not need a Kindle reader to view them. Other people like the pressure. And, of course, your e-books will now appear in Amazon's default bookshop - more exposure and, with a little bit of good fortune, more revenue; you can actually conserve time:

KDP's "Print Paperback" feature is a breeze when you are publishing a new e-book. Once you have uploaded a new song, Amazon gives you the opportunity to post a pocket book; it seems simple (I have to try it out to judge exactly how simple it is, but from the help it couldn't be easier).

You can even get an ISBN from Amazon. What is an ISBN? The ISBN is the international standard number of a work. It is used for printing textbooks to help in identifying textbooks for bookshops, galleries, and more. Learn the essentials about an ISBN. This is Amazon on ISBNs: No ISBN ( "International Standard Buch Number") is needed to post with Kindle Direct Publishing.

As soon as your contents are posted on the KDP website, Amazon.com assigns a 10-digit ASIN (Amazon Standard ID Number) that is unambiguous for the e-book and is an ID number for the Kindle Book on Amazon.com. You can also add an ISBN for your e-book during the publication lifecycle.

Don't use an unambiguous eBook ESBN from a printed copy of your eBook; eBook ESBNs must be unambiguous for eBook download. It is possible to obtain an IBN from various Internet resources, as well as the formal one. I have added "create Amazon KDP paperbacks" to my long To Do mailing lists. Your fiction and accounts are widely distributed.

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