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Join the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) community. Differences between Amazon KDP and KDP Select can cause confusion for new authors. Select the best KDP solution for your ebooks.

Getting Ready with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

It' done, now is the right moment to make your seller available. Everyone will require you to provide your personal information before you can post on their website. The following describes how to login to and administer each one. Here you can see how you can join KDP and offer your first volume for purchase.

Or you may be asked to verify the bank details to which you are logging in - click the Login Buttons. So if you've already logged in to another Amazon site, click the Click here to log in as another Amazon site visitor. Here you insert songs and administer them as soon as they are released.

However, before you can click the Publishing Buttons, you need to fill in some information in your Admin. Please review the information we have provided about your name and your postal adress and make the desired changes. Click the Full Control Information pushbutton below this template. You' ll be guided through a brief set of issues that will give Amazon the information they need to follow your payment from a fiscal perspective.

Then click on the button "Add your bankaccount". You' ll need the name, route number and number of the Amazon license fee payment accounts. Incidentally, if the thought of shared your financial and fiscal information with Amazon makes you feel a little bit anxious... Well, that makes sense.

If you don't want them to charge you (because you don't plan to load your book), they don't want you to. You do not regard persons who register with KDP as writers of the work, but as editors. As standard, the bank accounts are configured for payment by cheque in your country's own currencies.

After you have finished the finance information, you can post your eBook on Amazon! When you click the Bookshelf icon at the top of the page, you can read the bookshelf. If you click the +Kindle eBook icon, you will be taken to the page to include this eBook in Amazon's data base. On the first page (Kindle eBook Details), include all the meta data you have collected.

Keep in mind - more detail, more accuracy in your meta data is the way prospective users will find and buy your work. The second page (Kindle' content ) uploads the email document and the artwork. Title picture must be a JPG or TIFF format; according to Amazon, the perfect size is 2560 pixel high and 1600 pixel width.

Again, if there are any issues with the downloaded image the site will tell you. As soon as you have downloaded both of them, the site will converts your data into a.mobi document. Once the converting is completed, you can use KDP's Preview screen by pressing the Preview My eBook icon. When you' re done, click on the links in the top lefthand area and read the details of the work.

Alternatively, you can click the Preview on your computer for downloading the wobi e-book as well. When there, you can open the downloaded files in your preferred Kindle application or upload them to a Kindle. Myself is to do everything above - the e-book looks different in everyone.

Ensure that the e-book looks the way you want it to. Otherwise, go back to working on your e-book and fix what doesn't work. On the bottom of this page you can enter the last few words of the metadata: the ISBN (if you have one - it is quite an option for e-books at this point) and your publisher's name.

vii ] Why are these meta data on this page and not with the remainder of the identifying information about your eBook on the Kindle eBook Terms page? When everything is in order, click the Save and Next buttons at the bottom of the page. This may take a few seconds, but you will get to the last stage in the Kindle eBook Pricing page.

First, you should choose whether you want to use Amazon to distribute your e-book (for at least the next 90 days). If you want to continue with KDP, click the Select KDP Login field to select the checkmark. When you are not sure, look at my advantages and disadvantages to sign up for the programme.

The Ebook pricings has a number of variable. In order to make the higher 70% license fees (minus $0.15 per megabyte), you need to rate the volume between $2.99 and $9.99 - or the value in the other currency. To more or less calculate or to reduce the "transfer fee", choose the 35% premium rate method.

Either allow Amazon to calculate rates from the US rate you have fixed on the other regional websites or click on the Other Marketplaces links to choose your own rate for each one. After you have filled in the page's prize range, we only have a few checkboxes left.

When there is a printed copy of your work, you should choose the MatchBook feature, which allows those who buy it to buy it at a high rebate. Rental shop allows shoppers to "lend" their copy to another Amazon client for a whole weekend; this is indeed a good way to promote the purchase; we suggest that you choose it.

You cannot modify any of the preferences until they are public. However, from this point on you can modify all these options - subtitles, key words, category, cover type, price, even the text files - as often as you like.

Welcome to the circle of independents. I use the Amazon.com site here - if you publish outside the US, use your own area. ii ] I have set up several KDP account for other publishing houses - but only one for myself. Keep in mind that you can enumerate different writers (artist names) and publishing houses (imprints) for different styles when trying to keep them separate.

I have a KDP book in my KDP book collection with 20 different writers (and several artist names) that will be released under six impressions. It is not recommended to submit a pure text document, and the conversion of PDF files is a horrible notion. For those who don't know what's going on, look in Amazon's extensive (though not very clear) help pages or the very useful Kindle development forum.

When you have already submitted an ePub document, you can also consider validating your eBooks. v ] Okay, actually a smoothed packet containing an ePub attachment (aka KF8) and an old PalmPilot e-book attachment (aka MOBI7). To do this, you will need to fetch the downloaded files and review them on all kinds of Kindle or Kindle apps.

You may want to ask your buddies and beta's to test the for you. Unless you have either the right to the cover of someone else or the right to the cover in certain areas for certain language licenses, you almost always want to choose All areas (worldwide rights).

As a result, Amazon can distribute your books to anyone in any state. Initial publishing can take longer, as can publishing houses in some more daring styles.

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