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Do Indie authors need to switch their books from CreateSpace to Kindle Direct Publishing? If I log in to kdp.amazon.ca, I am redirected to kdp.amazon.

com. Direkt), libraries and academic institutions **not yet available on KDP Print**.

Is it costing me anything to post on Amazon's KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)?

No, if you can make a proper upload it would not be expensive. Of course, if you hire a specialist to make your e-book for you, you would have to buy it for its services. No, there are no costs unless you choose a sponsored services.

People will suggest that you invest in professional editing, formatting, designing a sleeve and promoting the work. This may be well invested but you can learn the ability to do it yourself. When you have made a purchase, you retain either 35% or 70% of the license fee, depending on your preferences, and Amazon will take a little of the license fee for them who host your work on their site.

It' a free of charge game. All you need is your formated scripts and your artwork. There may be a charge for this, according to the supplier.

childle - Publication in KDP directly from outside the USA

What I think the first thing you look for is which market places your KDP accounts are for. Once you have logged in to KDP, click on the top right corner of your KDP user name. My Adam Brand is written "Adam's Account". Then Amazon Markets Places, where you will see how you get payed for each of the different markets.

My bankroll has either EFT or check on every market place. If I go to release a song (and I'm just setting #7 today for pre-order), I just post the information, load the contents and adjust the prices in all the differentarketplaces. From there Amazon will be publishing my work. Persons wishing to purchase your copy must go to the place associated with their bankroll.

There is a hyperlink on the right side, which leads me to the corresponding page on the Amazon.de website, where I can buy the album. Anything else seems to depend on how your profile is set up.

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