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Do not restrict your book distribution: CreateSpace, KDP Select and ACX An increasing number of Amazon and Amazon businesses encourage or require writers and publishing houses to use them only. CreatingSpace provides free ISBNs and author friendly creative development tools, Kindle provides KDP Select, which provides additional merchandising opportunities, ACX allows publishers/authors to create and produce an audio book for free, in return for 50% of the winnings.

CreatingSpace, ACX and KDP Select provide non-exclusive publishing houses/authors. You can use CreatingSpace easily as a printer/POD with an ISBN that was duly acquired from Bowker or another reputable ISBN vendor. KDP proposes to sign up for KDP Select, which is a 90-day exclusive agreement, but does not have to.

Amazons seems to be everywhere....so why shouldn't you just skip the hassle and try? The ACX audio books that ACX produces for a higher percentage of the profits are not available outside the Amazon property. This means that your audio book is available from Audible, but NOT from Apple and NOT in the local libraries or bookstores.

With KDP Select and 90-day exclusive, your eBook is not available in any library, Barnes and Noble (B&N) or Kobo (the biggest eBook selling and selling site abroad). CreatingSpace allocated mySBNs give myCreateSpace permission to distribute your work. If your Amazon page specifies your publisher's name, the ISBN is owned by CreatingSpace and you/your publishers cannot take the product to other retail stores or booksellers.

CreateSpace owns the CreateSpace ESBN forever and will require you to buy your own one to distribute your work. Amazons was a new concept that could have gone both ways. After all, we had no clue how far Amazon would go. Publishers who now love Amazon's cash came down on themselves to give bookstores everything they wanted.

Placing your balls in the Amazon baskets might make now. Finally, Kindle is over 90% of the eBook store. Audiobook has a large part of the audiobook industry. Now you can spare your own precious Amazon money. Kindle, Amazon and Audible are NOT the whole town. Bookshops, souvenir stores, big-box stores, Apple.... do you really want to bet on the success of your books and disregard any other selling options?

There are eBook, sound and POD choices all over the planet. So whether you look to the brighter side and accept the notion that Amazon will not always be the monumental thing it is today, there are still many good reason to spread your books to all available places.

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