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More than just simple word counting, move your mouse over the count and see detailed document statistics. This app is great if you know how to use it and if you have a lot of space on your phone. It is an application called Just a Line that lets you draw white lines in the air. Simply follow the link below. An application that doesn't distract.

Just Write - Minimalist Writing App for Writers on the App Store

The Just Write text editors are aimed at simplifying the write processes. Just-write is conceived in such a way that only things are contained that are strictly necessary for the write proces. Just Write includes support for RTF (Rich Text Format) and TXT (Plain Text Format), which are cross-platform styles that you can open and manipulate on almost any operating system.

Whilst text-to-table, supports markdown style, is best for memos, outlines, to-do lists and anything else you do with a plain text file system. Just Write supports that you can synchronize your Ruff- and Txt-files on all your iClouds. - The Selection Utility for quick and simple choice of section, phrase and words (iPad only).

Use the intelligent cursor selector to choose words, sentences and paragraphs with just a touch! - accessory line contains many signs that are indispensable for the transcript. - Choose your text, phrase and words (iPad only) quickly and easily. Use the intelligent cursor selector to choose words, sentences and paragraphs with just a touch!

Notice: Just Write is ad supportive, but you can buy an in-app to delete the advertisements. This is recommended for all authors who only want an easy and uninterrupted workspace. It' a neat application that only needs a little enhancement to become great.

One client-side React app for writing and processing WordPress messages - WordPress Tavern

Jason Bobich, developers of WorldPress, has developed an open sourceclient application named Just Write, which offers a de-coupled editorial environment for WorldPress. According to Bobich, he made the app in 10 working hours to investigate the capabilities of React and the WP REST API. Though still in the works, the app has a demonstration where inquisitive reviewers can administer messages from any WorldPress site that is HTTPS backed and has the JWT Authentication plug-in in.

It also allows the visitor to modify his own profiles and data in a drop-down list at the top of the page. He said he has to the application built to enhance his JavaScript capabilities and has no idea how to use it for the shop. When the REST API was integrated into the kernel, the development team seemed ready to develop a variety of different authoring experience for the end-customers.

But working with the interface still has many obstacles for programmers, restrictions Bobich got to know when he developed Just Write. Also Bobich found problems working with mediums and storing contents in WordPress (which allows short codes to be saved before wpautop()). As Bobich said, these restrictions are the cause that there are not yet more apps that have been constructed with de-coupled machining experience.

But in Gutenberg's new age, Just Write's alternate desktop provides a convenience that some people might like. Being WordPress has developed to house different kinds of blogs, sites and specialized apps, Bobich said that the next obvious thing for a developer is to start building custom administrator suites that are tailored to the needs of the specific group.

"Gutenberg marked an important turning point in evolution," Bobich said. "For those who cling to the ease of WordPress and hide some of the other sounds, maybe that's not something they like in the end.... or maybe?

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