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Study journalism and creative writing for the digital age. The differences between journalism and creative writing go beyond the distinction between fiction and non-fiction. You like to work creatively with language? Writing creatively is also an important journalistic tool. This is Tobias Wolff's creative class of non-fiction books.

BA(Hons) Journalism and Creative Writing

You will learn from the basics of journalism, creative writing and discerning thought to a journey through the worlds of high-gloss and long formats. However, it encourages applicants to submit their applications as early as possible to allow sufficient preparation for visas and missions.

RequestsOur Applicant Services staff will be happy to assist you throughout your entire interview. You can become a kind of reporter and creative author in this full-time course by specializing in topics that interest you. They also attend classes and workshop sessions with prestigious guest lecturers and world-class writers in residence that are inspiring the next wave of creative talents.

Her second year will take you into the worlds of high gloss and long format magazine and let you select the creative writing styles that are most appealing to you - script writing, sci-fi or writing for the airwaves. This course is characterized by the fact that it is not only about courses and seminars: It addresses all the basics of journalism from the very beginning, from the challenge of storytelling and the languages of writing messages and opinions to political and legal issues.

Key creative writing tools allow you to explore genres and forms and develop a greater understanding of audiences and contexts. In journalism, you will concentrate on the magazine industry and the related arts and culture writing skills. During your last year you will train yourself and take on assignments that will enable you to concentrate on the areas of creative writing you have made.

Julia Kennedy teaches audio-visual and regulatory journalism, and has a Ph. D. in Med. communication in the electronic world.

Creativity in Writing and Journalism BA Awards

Are you passionate about writing? You like to work creative with speech? It is your final exam if you want to enhance your writing ability in a multitude of ways, such as literature, drama as well as literature, while gaining a deep insight into the journalism world. A lot of professionals share their times between creative writing jobs and work on essays, critiques and column writing, while many reporters also work on novel writing and scripts.

This inspirational course is intended to give you the knowledge and experiences you need to work in both creative and journalism writing. The course offers you a wealth of possibilities to explore the subject and develop your writing and editorial abilities, as well as a sound grasp of how journalism and the writing industry are evolving.

The North London Literature Festival and lectures by visiting lecturers will teach you directly from many creative professionals, authors and reporters. So what will you be studying about creative writing and journalism? You will also be connected with the world of journalism and literatur.

It examines the different ways in which we understand the realm and how we interact with others through creative or business writing. They will also evolve your research capabilities according to the fanciful work in your hands. It will introduce you to the most important journalistic theory, concept, code and convention, both historical and contemporary, and help you understand the information publishing business.

These capabilities are used in the areas of message collection, research, message and features writing for printing, broadcasting, online, mobiles and emerging technology. Learn how to better understanding the special requirements, limitations and potential of shortfilming. You will learn the fundamentals of story-telling in connection with the creation of video puzzles and the capability to use storytelling in the creation of a world.

Creative Writing Projects offer you the possibility and assistance to create a large freelance creative writing projects, which can be in all creative writing styles (e.g. movies, movie, game or game scripts, live writing). It will help you understand how closely non-technical literacy, such as travelling and historiography, writing biographies and memoirs, can evolve your own creative writing skills within these categories.

It allows you to define and implement pertinent framework conditions for the long-distance journalism approach. It provides you with the know-how and instruments to analyze the relationship(s) between journalism, finance and might and deconstructs the way the message medium industries shape, shape, (re)present and even influence our own patterns of might.

In the event that an optionally available modules is not running, when you confirm the numbers or as soon as possible after selecting the modules, we will inform you that the program will decide not to run the modules and help you to select an other one. Her creative work includes literature, newscasts, features writing, voice and visual interviewing, websites, blogging, shortscripts, your last year independant and more.

In the courses you can acquire and further your own know-how on certain themes. In smaller groups, which usually consist of 10-20 participants, you can talk and deepen your comprehension of the issues discussed in the class. You can also schedule individual lessons with your own individual instructor or modulmaster. Typical tasks include studying journals and writing a book, working on a project, conducting research and preparation for assessment work, which includes course work, presentation and exams.

This course offers you the opportunity to test your skills and your comprehension in an informal "formative" way. As part of the course, there is a verbal "summative" evaluation, usually towards the end of the course. The evaluation methodologies could cover a variety of course work, among them papers, portfolio, reflective comments, one-on-one and group presentation and blog.

Scores from the summary evaluations are added to your grade in the modules. You may need a student visas to enter the UK if you are a citizen of another state. In order to be able to study with us, you must have a good command of German.

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