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Servicing and repair Please note: We do not answer any promotional bids or auctions. Go to the Activity Database or Newswire History Database for auctions. Notifications to the markets are the main reasons for setting up a subscriber. Is there a problem with notifications?

We offer our services to inform you when the markets change in a way you specify.

If you want us to observe a rarest sample, a monumental object or an S/S combat animal, for example, we can e-mail you as soon as we see it. Which type of notification do you use? At the moment we can tell you when the amount, the current prices or the prices for the purchase of an object or fighting animal will fall above or below a certain threshold.

Simply go to the item's page and find the "Market Notifications" section above the auction list. Please note that we only welcome users, as anyone visiting the auction house would have one. Don't you ever look at your passwords or even your email adress. The only thing we get from is a clear numerical identification for your BattleTag and your BattleTag open number.

How much does a pass fee include? Now you can login and receive a free of charge membership. We will send you a regular e-mail with the latest news since your last post that is still in use. We' ll review the gallery for you with every single photo, but we'll send you an e-mail up to once every 8-hour.

You can also subscribe for a fee and select a rate of up to 2 mins. If you use the how do you submit alerts more often than every hours? It' correct that we receive information for each of our realtors only about once an hours, but if you are watching more than one realtor, you can take advantage of the per hours alert rate, as these are tiered-based.

What is the complete listing of the advantages of a membership? There is no guarantee for this feature, and as always we use the for the delivery of mail. Although the website and e-mails are localised in many different tongues, we can only provide client assistance in English.

Included in the information are The prizes are also known for objects and domestic animal races, so that e.g. Heroic objects have special prizes from Heroic War Forges, Mythicals etc.. While all article and pets titles are compiled from the information in the match, the localization of the remaining page was a real challange. We' ll find the actualized rows from your files and refresh the website soon after.

Localisation assistance is available free of cost to those who subscribe.

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