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Please make sure you choose the right magazine to publish your article! or you will find yourself in a trap with publication in predatory magazines. Editor (linked to full RoMEO details), RoMEO color, standard guidelines, journal list. University of Aalborg proposal, green, standard guidelines - list of journals. Guidelines and practices of scientific journal publishers in the field of online publishing.

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Black list of magazine publishers - RESEARCH SUPPORT SERVICE

From brainstorming to the publication of a scientific paper, the research is not an easily accomplished undertaking. Make sure you select the right magazine to post your story, or you may find yourself in a pitfall of publication in robber magazines. The Grand Valley State University Libraries reported that the indicator for predatory/black magazine publishers is as follows:

These are some useful guidelines on this topic about rapacious magazines:

Scientific journals Publisher's practice. Guidelines and practice of scientific journal publishers in the field of on-line publication. 4th census 2013

Over 300 publishers took part, among them more than 180 small publishers (i.e. 1 - 10 titles). This study examined a number of indicators on publishing house expansion, costs and sales development, magazine subscription and open accesss, editing and authoring guidelines, content creation and the use of digital content and the use of digital content.

While some areas of publishers are clearly sophisticated, others are changing without clear, generally acceptable best practises. In addition, in many areas of practical and political life there are considerable disparities between small and medium-sized publishers and their bigger colleagues. This full article provides an incalculable picture of the present situation in the world of publishers, but also hints at the changes of the last 4 years and upcoming tendencies and developmen.

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Springer acts as a supplier providing the basic technologies and utilities (an end-to-end system from entry to editors' decision on acceptance/rejection); producing and storing articles in matrices such as PubMed Central; working with web-based utilities such as Crossref and Aggregator; through to magazine design, sales, customer care and internal assistance for writers, proofreaders and writers.

Springer's support for Open Access is founded on the conviction that unrestricted research is indispensable for fast and effective scientific communications. Springer's Open Access policies mean that all journals are available free and universal and that the author retains the copyrights to his works and that all journals are stored in various Open Account and electronic repositories.

In order to guarantee user consistence and maximize effectiveness, our magazine websites are built on a single templates that allows various customizations. You can find samples of magazine websites under: Every journal has easy formating guidelines to simplify the lives of the writers, e.g. through the easy transmission of scripts between magazines (e.g. in cases where entries are better placed in another journal).

Within the framework of the Open Account publication scheme, there are no entry restrictions, such as user subscriptions. Instead, a handling fee is charged for each approved item, which is usually charged by the author with the means of their institute or sponsors. There are a number of financing schemes available to meet the needs of each journal, its community, editor and affiliates.

It provides an outstanding entry system, combined with on-line peer-reviewing, monitoring and editorial aids. Every journal has its own Journal Development Editor, which helps the editors-in-chief maximise the journal's appeal and provides a single point of entry. We have a full service team that provides on-site assistance to the whole web site user community.

Our 24-hour service provides orientation to all our customers, whether they publish or browse our Open Accessibility work.

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