Journal Prompt Ideas

Prompt Journal Ideas

Prompts for students: It is the first in a series of four articles with creative prompts and ideas. Magazines are a wonderful way to express ideas. No right or wrong way to the Journal. Journalism about your goals can help move them from idea to reality!

Sufficient for every day of the school year

I have grouped these prompt ings according to the following assumption: journal journal journal review prompttswriting promptsAs far as it is assumed that an Academic year in most cases comprises 180 consecutive calendar dates, which are subdivided into 4 quarter. You can use them at any moment. Back to the top of the page What follows is a straightforward list of prompt messages.

So if you really want to do this using these POPs (and at the same a little bit of trouble), you might be interested in Journal Jumpstarts, Vol. 1, which contains the 1-20 prompt below. Be sure to postpone your return to college after the holidays. Diary requires 2. Send a thank-you letter to a colleague who gave you garlic-flavored onions and bubblegum. 3.

Make a tale the way the old folks might have been telling it. Make a note of the best or worse days of your lives. Describe a tag you would like to be overlooked. Create and describe a new meal. 14. Describe a period in your lifetime when you fought with a decision and made the right one.

Like the 20 prompt above, the 21-40 prompt below are not much "disguised". In order to see them in their most beautiful clothes, you can dowload Journal Jumpstarts, Vol. 2. If you were cooped up in your favourite mall all night, what would you do? Make a checklist of at least 50 things to make you think good.

Make a playlist of words that you describe as a kid. Create a second playlist that will describe you as you are now. Which is your favourite meteor? Tell me about what you didn't do this week-end. The Prompts 41-60 (see below) are contained in Journal Jumpstarts, Vol. 3. Simply show the day's prompt on your LCD screen, SMART board or TV in the class room and take a pause from your white board!

What things would you completely banish forever if you were emperor of the earth (rain on the weekend, aubergines, etc.)? Get a hit chart. When and where would you go and why if you could go back in a while? Start with a checklist of frequently asked question you would like to have asked.

Describe and describe a trait or custom about yourself that you like. You can also talk about something you don't like about yourself. You can find the following prompt (61-80) in Journal Jumpstarts, Vol. 4. As with all Vol. 4 of the Journal Jumpstarts collection, there are 21 high-quality animated versions that give the prompt "Punch".

Describe what you think, how you will be and what you will do in 10 or 20 years. About a babysitting adventure. Describe an adversary who finally became your boyfriend. Tell me about a period when you were betrayed and busted. Tell me about a prerogative you've deserved.

Tell me about the alley cat you bring home. How does it feel to go to the store with your mum? Record about a period you played in front of an audiences. Describe a tough choice you had to make. Describe how to learn skating, cycling, climbing a boom or turning a wheelbarrow.

Describe a frustration. You' re writing about something small that's turned into a big thing. You can find the following prompt messages (81-100) in Journal Jumpstarts, Vol. 5. Each of the prompt in the Journal Jumpstarts row is entitled and displayed in a single clicking directory to help you find where to proceed.

Describe something you really wanted as a kid. Describe the period as a kid that you spent playing in one of the following areas: tree houses, grain fields, building sites, scrap yards, deserted houses or barns, streams, graveyards, swamps, pastures, railway rails. Tell me about a period when you were persuaded into something and you regret it.

Describe an ambulance ride. On a catastrophic journey or holiday. Use a broken sash or something of value that you have dropped. Describe a period when you tried to help and made things even harder. Notify us of your move to another town or neighbourhood. Explain an open-air adventure you played in the summers.

Describe the construction of sandcastles or sludge cakes. Describe how to mow the grass, burn foliage or weed the area. Tell me about being an outsider. Post about a tag in another state. Tell me about a period when you outsmarted someone. Writing about buying new dresses. Describe a period when your folks embarrass you.

Tell me about a period when you gave someone good counsel. I want you to tell me about the funnest thing that ever occurred to you. But what if the use of bots in schools becomes a real possibility? What words would lead your shortlist and why if you could say twenty words for the remainder of your Iife?

Back to the top of the page journal letter 136. Explain what you think of the average mom. Diary demands 137. Explain what you think is a common dad. The letter of magazines demands 138. But why or not? The letter of magazines demands 139. Draw up a brief history of your mum.

Draw up a brief history of your dad. Imagine a period when your mom laughed. Remember a period when you two laughed at something. Give your mom a verbal account. It'?s like watching a film, not a photo. Focus on a particular habits your mom has and type about them.

Describe two things your and your familiy teaches you. Describe some of the things you're worried about. What would it be if you had to work in any shop in your preferred shopping-centre? What if you could go to college and learn a course that was not there? What would that be and why?

Describe the advantages and disadvantages of a year-round college or a four-day academic year. Describe your favourite sports. Too long a year? Not long enough? Describe the hardest battle you've ever had with a boyfriend. Who' re you fondest with?

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