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Steve Jobs' screenplay by Aaron Sorkin: View all 190 pages of the Oscar candidate For its Oscar winner "Steve Jobs", Universal Pictures has put the script on line. Length of the script shows how dialogue-oriented the movie is. He had his first big successes on television where he produced "The West Wing" and won six Emmys as author and manufacturer in four years (2000-2003).

Although he made the acclaimed movies "A Few Good Men" and "The President " in the 1990' s, he only received his first Oscar name in 2010 when he won for his adaptation of the screenplay for "The Social Network". In recent years, Nonfiction has had a great success in the adaptive screenplay competition and won the last three in a row:

"Argo " (2012) is inspired by a wire story; "12 Years a Slave" (2013), by Solomon Northup's memoirs; and "The Imitation Game" (2014), by a researcher's bio. Is Sorkin going to do it again? Also, make your Oscar forecasts top or bottom of this section and you could deserve a place of honour on our rankings and a leading part in next year's Top 24 User (the two tens of people who best predict this year's Oscar nominations).

Haven't you seen Steve Jobs? Please click here to download the file

On the sad and gloomy budget, few of you Steve Jobs, Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle's Semi-Biopic have managed to beat the drums on the sad and gloomy budget. They are inspired by Walter Isaacson's bestseller bio 2011 of Apple's deceased Mayor. If you want to get a foretaste of what you're lacking - or just want to visit Sorkin's dialogue-heavy screenplay - then you can now, because Universal Pictures has made the whole 190-page screenplay available free of charge now.

In spite of the movie's bombshell state, Steve Jobs is currently the Oscars' favourite for "Best Adapted Screenplay", thanks to Sorkin's striking screenball dialogue, which made the script writer's name even more associated with the script than the director's name. Steve also authored screenplays for Charlie Wilson's War and Moneyball - Steve Jobs Sorkin's 4th consecutive non-fiction.

Considering the fact that the film does not appear in cinemas, and the criticisms it has gotten from some high-ranking representatives of the film business such as Pixar and Disney's Ed Catmull, it will be intriguing to see how Steve Jobs feels when the voices come together at last.

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