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Career prospects for graduates of the individual courses of study. A written degree in Arts and Humanities allows you to focus on the specific courses you need to start a writing career. Job offers for creative writers. Carreer and internship resources for literature and creative writing. Wellcome to Literature and Creative Writing Majors!

How can I get a diploma in English?

The jobs that are directly related to your studies include: Some of the jobs where your graduation would be useful are Being a non-professional course, the extra-curricular abilities are also essential for the development of a well-rounded CV. During their studies, for example, many British pupils are writing for schoolchildren' journals and journals, are active in various types of media such as Swedish and German universities and colleges, and are volunteers in the municipality or school.

Alumni will find employment with many different companies. British alumni are employed by governmental and non-governmental organizations such as the NHS, education facilities, regional and federal governments, finance and law offices, and volunteer and nonprofit organizations in a variety of capacities, including: research. In the areas of trade, recreation and travel, British university leavers are also generally employed.

One of the greatest strengths of all those with an intermediate level of command of the language is the capacity to speak and write well. The studies of Anglistics also develop IT-activities. For more information on post-graduate studies and research, please contact the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). British students can choose to continue their studies in areas such as sales and distribution, finances, human resources and economics in order to deepen their professional expertise.

How are British alumni doing? You can find a detailled list of what six month after graduating, under What do people do? It is a service for everyone interested in learning and learning the language, from elementary school to university.

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It researches, writes, edits and generates messages and article submissions about the fellowship of the department, important schools and..... Process your sourcing, selling material, as well as booklets, all collateral, PPT's, thought leading items, advertisements and copy, newsletter,..... California State University, Office of the Chancellor, is looking for a Web Editor & Author to assist in writing, modifying and publicizing CSYou.....

Participation in all stages of developing and producing academic web and e-media, including the design of the site layout, contents.....

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