Jim Edwards

Him Edwards.

Newest tweets from Jim Edwards (@MMA_Jim). Newcastle upon Tyne. Jim, Jim or Jimmy Edwards can refer to it: Mr Edwards has an extensive collection of essays in art catalogues, books and brochures on modern and contemporary art and artists. American comedian Jim Edwards, who lives in Los Angeles and was featured on the Tonight Show.


Jim Edwards is best known for his portrayals of northeastern icons and bridge architecture. Two genres, modern urban landscapes and abstracts based on artificial shapes and architecture. Each style follows a subject of architectural inspiration and dominant rectilinearity. Edwards' townscapes are neither a study of realities nor an attempt to catch a particular point of view.

As he recalls the way the town works and its landmark, his pictures have their origins in his memories and not in a simple depiction. Composition is a mixture of fantasy and selected memories, which are then changed and overdone. Forgetting or simplifying certain structures creates a unique perspective of the town.

In August 2015, Jim opened his new 59 Lime Street Studios in Newcastle upon Tyne's Ouseburn area. Through the combination of his atelier with a galleries setting, he has designed a one-of-a-kind painting room in which he presents his latest works of art and print work in a temporary series.

Him Edwards.

Previously, he was Adweek senior executive director, CBS Interactive commercial journalist, and Knight-Bagehot Fellow at Columbia Business School. He has amended in a investigativer Journalismus hat das Gesetz im First Circuit Court of Appeals (U.S. v. Kravetz), dem Third Circuit Court of Appeals (North Jersey Media v. Ashcroft), New Jersey (In Re El-Atriss) et New York (Mosallem v. Berenson) geƤndert.

United States Supreme Court quoted his work on the capital punishment in accordance with Baze v. Rees, on the question whether the fatal injections are horrible or anomalous. In 2005, he won the Neal Prize for economic journalists for a range of publications on payoffs and payoffs in the promotional industry.

Him Edwards (

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