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With the journalist and writer Jenny Diski David Schneider talks about how to face death. Below you will find a selection of prominent fiction and non-fiction authors who were or are Jewish (or, as mentioned, are partly of Jewish descent). The Jewish script has an important place in American literature. You a Jewish writer? by Joshua Henkin Are you a Jewish writer?

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The YIVO | Association of Jewish Writers and Journalists in Warsaw

Zhurnalistn in Varshe; Pol., Zwi?zek Literatów i Dziennikarzy ?ydowskich w Warszawie), a labour organization, interest group and place of encounter for writers. L. Peretz' death - 60 Jewish writers and reporters assembled at Hazomir Hall in Warsaw to form a labor organization. Yiddish author Yankev Dinezon was the first chairman of the group and its original site was at 13 Street T?omackie, an adress associated with the Jewish Secularism.

Not only did the rooms serve as a place of worship for members, but also for performers, artisans, teachers, foreigners and others interested in Jewish sacred music. Furthermore, the society provided a wide range of literature and other events, both for its members and the general population.

During the early 1920s, young Jewish writers, poetry and modernists ( "Melech Ravitch", "Uri Tsevi Grinberg", "Perets Markish" and "I. J. Singer") moved to Warsaw to use the club's rostrum to articulate their new, radical approach to Jewish-literacy. Both these writers and other young writers used the club as a forum to voice their frustrations at the condescension of the Jewish literature establishments towards them.

Fierce debate about the present and prospective nature of contemporary Jewish writing took place in the 1920' and 1930' at the association's head office, a vibrant culture area. At the beginning of the 1930' the federation was confronted with the persistent fall of the Jewish books industry. The primary objective of the Jewish Writers' and Journalists' Federation as a labour organisation was to consolidate and enhance the socio-economic standing of its members by setting fees and copyright and calling for a standard of relationships between the journalist and his or her employer.

Together with other Jewish organisations in Poland and abroad, she assisted in raising specific funding for young writers and jobless members. Jewish journals founded an independent section of the Society in 1926, which was recognised by the Polish government as the Jewish section of the Polish Federation of Journalist. The following year, thanks to the organisation's endeavours, Yiddish was admitted as a member of the PEN Writers' Union with offices in Warsaw, Vilna and New York.

He was chairman of the PEN Jewish community and Sholem Asch was its honouring chairman. Much effort has been made to promote Jewish writing in Poland, to fight the spread of trashy writing, to work with the Jewish education system and to draw the writers in the post-war democracy world's awareness of the continuing crises of their Jewish counterparts in Nazi Germany and Poland.

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