Jazz Real Book App

Jazz-real Book App

Book & Backing Tracks. This simulates a real sounding band that can accompany you during practice. You can also use the app to create and collect chord diagrams of your favorite songs. azz Styles Pack Free; Pop Styles Pack Free;

Latin Styles Pack Free; more. Imports music files from other programs (e.g. in chord pro, i real and abc formats).

It' a book.... It' a band.....

Gather accordiagrams of all your favourite tunes and listen to them anywhere on your mobile device, tray or Mac. Plus, you'll find just a touch away, tens of thousands browsing chart in all genres available for free download from the forum. Select from 50 different accompanying genres using a wide range of tools.

Customize any diagram to match your own accords, or build your own outright. Produce great-sounding backing traces for any accord diagram. Learn to use the guitar, piano or ukulelele with the help of guitar and ukulele records, piano and ukulelele. They show you the precise accordiagrams while you are playing a track.

Man, I would have died for it back in wood shed times. Just make it easy to hear the accords. Speaker for a full loudness jam. It' even simpler to enter and modify your own diagrams. There is a bigger display that makes it easy to browse and manipulate your own chart. In landscape format, you can display play lists and songs at the same moment.

This is a realbook/chord table app? : Jazz

It' the default application everyone uses at the conservatories where I reside. Not always so pricey, but it has become such a big app for young jazz fans or students that they thought they would give it a prize. Before, it was free (or at least very cheap) and you paid for getting more styles packages and chord/scale chart.

In my office I use it every day to practise melodies, joint progression and to work out my own melodies.

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You can also use the app to make and gather piece diagrams of your favourite tunes. It is used by tens of thousand of music undergraduates, educators and some of the world's leading musical colleges such as the Berklee College of Music and Musicians Institute. - It' a book: Easily build, modify, print, split, and gather your favourite songs' accordiograms for use as references when you practice or perform.

Practise with a real-world acoustic keyboard (or guitar), bassoon and drums accompaniment for any file you download or create. Sharing, printing and exporting your tracks so you can take them with you wherever you go! Back up your song! If all the tracks you know and work with use this and split their song lists, it makes sure you all have the same accords - a boon!

The iReal Pro wallpaper statistics show that my fully loaded iPhone was emptied over night due to the wallpaper workload. They can join in, work on, even your own chart, tutorial, etc., so happy that my co-musicians made me aware of it. While I like to use the term, my iPhone & iPad take priority :-).

Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod dock.

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