Jane Friedman Book Proposal

The Jane Friedman Book Proposal

Searching and planning your book proposal. A good definition of "platform" can be found in Jane Friedman's blog here. As publishers are doing less and less advertising for their books, authors have to take matters into their own hands. In contrast to query letters, actual copies of book proposals are difficult to find. This is Jane Friedman's helpful overview of a suggestion for a non-fiction book.

Books in the digital age

My first publisher career began in 1998 and I immediately began examining non-fiction suggestions as part of an editing group. I have identified 3 topics in my October 2011 Writer's Digest paper, "Book PROPOOSALS IN THE DIGITAL AG", which you must mention in every book proposal. You can' t stop printing your competition analyses.

The competition analyses of a book proposal usually evaluate the most important competition on the shelves. What is your proof that you need a printed book? While there may be a very good excuse for your book to successfully battle the on-line community, you can no longer expect them to buy a book as a workaround.

They may even recognize in the research proces of on-line contest that what you should be doing is not writing a book, but using a blogs or website instead! This is how most of your favorite blogger country book deals.) But your captive audiences probably need at least 50,000 viewers per months, if not twice as high, to earn the interest of a commercially owned publishing house.

They need an on-line contents strategie. Printed (or electronic) books are not and should not be the last stage in your published work or your professional life. Authors and writers want to see that your book is not the beginning OR the end of the path - it's just one part of your much bigger intention and policy to develop and serve a audience, on and off.

So think about what can or should be done outside the book size in a creative way. So what are you already doing to help the book and give it a site or guide on-line? What can be done to split or revise the contents of your book? We are still witnessing a revolutionary way of finding, using and sharing information - and your proposal must show why the book is an intelligent and workable way to provide your suggestions or information.

In the end, I think we will see the book shape (as we know it today) vanish for many non-fiction classes. Thoughts beyond the book (and off the page) is first and foremost a highly inventive and inventive act. In order to view my full story on book suggestions in the dark ages, click here to buy the October 2011 edition of Writer's Digest (PDF).

I' m also offering a self-study course on how to create a mighty book suggestion that sells.

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