It's a Book

It' a book.

It is a book about a book-loving monkey, a technically savvy donkey and a straight talking little mouse. You can find many of my favorites on this page. They are books that I visit again and again. But I like the way books look, feel and smell. It is a book, it is the old to protest, it is the new to demand.

It' a book.

It is a book about a book-loving ape, a technically experienced donkey and a just speaking little mice. More about how this book came about can be found in my diary. This is a smart selection for young and old alike who like a good laugh and marvel at the capacity of the illustrated book to portray the thrill of film in 32 silences.

For those of us for whom the book is a belief in ourselves - who have the idea that whatever the order of the pixel, any kind of replacement for the sitting down in a seat with the weird thing that has been spreading on our laps - will like it. Although it will certainly attract a smile from the children, it will give even more joy to the parent who tried to make the point that Smith's book makes quiet: that the virtue of a book is not dependent on any bell, whistle or animations it might contain.

This two-page spreading of the donkey is the pivotal point in history and one of the most beautiful scenes in current illustrated series. Smith's book is the right moral: not that monitors are poor and textbooks are good, but that what a book does is dependent on the whole of what it is - its leaves, its robust self-sufficiency, especially the way it invites a kid to retreat from this childhood into a next to ours, in an exercise that is both intellectually stressful and corporeally quiet.

. It is a book, Jackass" - which really calls it what it is. The ironic book about literacy in the world of the digitized era contains the best last line ever made in the story of children's music. The donkey gradually surrenders to the might of a true book, characterized both by the watch hand (in a funny double-sided time-lapse sequence) and by the angle of its ear.

However, it is the last carefree line of the girl that causes the greatest smile. Oh, I loved that book. An ingenious refutation of today's Kindle Cook iPad culture: It's a Book is the latest addition to the bestseller and award-winning book illustration Lane Smith...One lingua caveat: the book's front page uniquely recognizes the ass with a very mellow epithete that repeats itself in a soft blow to the last page:

"It' a book, moron." This is a must for any publishers who are thinking about the effects of online publication and for any kid who wants to experience more of Lane Smith's youth and music. One diabolical ending might frighten a few.... if it's you?

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