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The HC rebands it books, renamed Dey Street

HarperCollins' It Books Impressum gets a new name and a new emphasis. Introduced in 2009, the popular cultural line will now be known as Dey St. Books, unveiling its first listing in autumn 2014. A part of HC's William Morrow Divison, Dey St - the name is a tribute to a lower Manhattan St bordering HC's prospective head office in the city centre - continues to be managed by Lynn Grady, a Senior V-P and publisher.

The It Books business was initially headed by former Harper Perennial publisher Carrie Kania, who retired as Frahlingin in London in 2011. Cal Morgan took over as head of the impressum after Kania, before Grady was appointed publisher in May 2013. There will be no change in the editing teams, with the present five members of staff: Carrie Thornton (editor-in-chief), Mark Chait (editor-in-chief), Denise Oswald (editor-in-chief), Brittany Hamblin (editor) and Bethany Larson (deputy editor).

It Books was released in a considerable amount of fanfares in publisher communities and was known for making disrespectful books like Justin Halperin's bestselling Sh*t My Dad Says (based on a much-loved tweeteed in which the writer, a former Maxim publisher, provided a nugget of knowledge from his cute but grumpy father).

Likewise It Books had a fame for making famous memoir such as Red (2011) by former Van Halen front man Sammy Hagar and Booky Wook 2 (2010) by UK comic artist and actress Russell Brand. The Dey Street will get more of it, especially in the form of prominent books; books by Amy Poehler and Alan Cumming among others will be on the first page of the masthead.

The HC said that "sometime" all books released by It Books will pass to the name Dey Street. Why the changes, especially if Dey Street continues to be released in the same way as It Books, HC stated that the point is to optimize a working formulation instead of re-start.

"Whilst It Books has an excellent success story with the release of best-selling books in the field of popular music, our aim with Dey Street Books is to expand our programme without loosing our centre. We have a shortlist of books by writers who are provocative, inspiring, educational or entertaining."

HarperCollins will be located on the intersection of Broadway and Dey Street. HC continues, Dey Street will draw on the "spirit of connectivity" expressed in this historic fad. HC said: "Link-Authoren und ihre Leser" through cutting-edge advertising and advertising measures.

Dey Street will release a broader spectrum than It Books; the new masthead will do everything from "memoirs and background information to narratives, non-fiction, self-help and beyond".

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