Is Writing good for you

Writing is good for you

Which means if you're not part of a research study. Writing is good for your wellbeing for 11 good causes As it turns out, the writing also has some medical benefits. There are 11 scientifically supported spellings that improve your mental, physical and spiritual state: Go to or Twitter @geediting. He is an associate author and contributor to Writer's Digest.

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HYDROGEN 7 Writing How Writing Effects On Your Brain For Good

After writing for an hours or two, how do you feeling? A lot of folks say that writing has an influence on how they are feeling, how they think and even how they see things. Lettering affects the brains more than many of us know. So let's take a look at the different ways in which writing affects the spirit.

Their brains increase their concentration on the information you write down. Anything so clichetic that it felt like your brains were turning to mash? Turns out your brains have actually turned to pulp. Okay, your brains haven't really turned to porridge.

But the act of literacy reduces the brain's capacity to be stimuli by means of visible features such as sense and metaphor. It'?s not that you needed a good excuse to stay away from cliches. Most of us keep a diary to keep a note of the days happenings, to put our emotions on hard copy and to write down our writing suggestions for later use.

We know that Journalaling is catartic and can help us deal with things that are trauma, disturbance or stress. There' s also scholarly evidence that writing in a magazine touches the vertebra. You' d think that would neglect the right side of the mind, wouldn't it?

The right hemisphere can awaken and do its thing when the lefthand hemisphere is occupied: creating, fantasizing and feeling. But how could we speak about writing and the mind without mentioning the fact that writing makes you clever? First, writing enhances clearness in a way that does not improve oral communications.

To write about a subject demands a deeper understanding of the subject than to talk about it. Also for this you can thank the writing. There are three ways in which the mind is occupied by the actual act of writing with writing on writing instruments. You work to remember the strokes and forms that shape each character, and you see every character and every single words you make on the mind.

But what can the act of writing do to stimulate our writing-play? One of the most important things any author can do to enhance his writing ability is to type as often as possible. Writing and writing spat spends spawning invention. While you were working on another writing job, how often did you think about new writing challenges?

Your idea for the new work may not even refer to the work you' ve been working on, but the writing experience will get your mind going. This is what causes the idea to soar. Solving a dilemma is understanding the dilemma, exploring the detail and finding a solution.

So what could be more useful than writing? The writing of the issue on hard copy will help you understand what you are up against. And lastly, there is no better way to find a solution than to hold a brain storming meeting to put everything on record. Inclusion of writing in your problem-solving effort not only improves your capacity to resolve the issue at hand. However, it also improves your capacity to write.

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