Is Stephen King a good Author

Stephen King a good writer?

He is one of the most successful writers of our time, and he is certainly my favorite. In all honesty, it was only when a very knowledgeable and experienced editor told me that he was a "bad writer" that I began to look at him from this point of view. Cause King was too good at his trade. It is unbearable to read horror novels. The real life is terrible enough.

Stephen King is a great author?

From the beginning of his carreer, Stephen King had an eerie capacity to strike the target. In 1977 King's novel The Shining, which takes place in a winter skiing area and shows a supernormal kid and an insane dad, showed his incomparable talent for mental terrorism. The Stephen King Industrie was founded when Stanley Kubrick turned this novel into a movie in 1980.

Right from the start King was fired as a'genre writer'. Besides writing fictional books on horrors, sci-fi and fantasies, he has published historic literature (his most recent 22.11.63, in which a man returns in order to murder Lee Harvey Oswald, won a Los Angeles Times prize and was named'Top Ten of the Year' in the New York Times), Western and literature shortsheets, which he described as "the way I claim, at least for myself, the fact that I'm not full of books".

He was always aware that he was influenced by distinguished ancestors. In 1987 HP Lovecraft inspires his sci-fi novel The Tommyknockers, and King's work also has resemblances to the work of innovative novelists: To name but a few, George Saunders, Karen Russell, Karen Joy Fowler, Michael Chabon, to obliterate the borders of the genres, try their hand at imagination and take on the convention of fear and imagination without loosing it.

Is it really true, though, that we should take King seriously? It keeps tens of thousands of readers trapped at a critical moment in the literary realm, while technological changes are unpredictably changing them. He was one of the first to explore new techniques, on-line stories and the first downloaded e-book, The Bullet.

King is a master story teller. It is capable of creating a world permeated by a feeling of right and injustice, good and bad. In an age when we are haunted by terrible incidents - decapitations, Ebola, killer serials, airplane crashs, policing, mass murder, cyber bullying - his visionary tales bring about catharticism, sometimes even order.

Avenging some of the sacrifices in the fictional, if not in real time. He may make it simple, but he does it without disdain for his character or readership. "He is under the observation of every serious readership who has seen Proust, Joyce, Henry James, Faulkner and all the other champions of the novel," says Blom.

Dickens was denigrated in his day by high-ranking contemporary figures, among them George Eliot, who "enjoyed an extravagant reputation" and "was awarded an extravagant high figure for his work, both in his wallet and on loan. "Eliot asked the same questions as Stephen King: "Who, you might say, is taking Mr. Dickens seriously?

" Thickens has proven itself. And the best part of Stephen King's work is so immersed in civilization that I think he's facing a similar destiny.

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