Is it Hard to become an Author

Do you find it hard to become a writer?

It is more difficult if you want to publish yourself but are interested in a quality product. Much depends on which genre you hope to be published in. According to Stephen King, they "bring interesting characters into difficult situations and write to find out what happens. Writing is easy, the writing itself is technical and hard. The reasons why it's hard to be a writer.

Tough truth about the profession of a writer

It' such a great foretaste of what it is to be a novelist. I was a flower in the beginning, then I learnt to be the lion's tooth. Years ago, when I chose to quit selling and become a novelist, I had a much more dazzling notion of what it was like to be a film-maker.

Besides, it didn't help that my first "novel" was so much enjoyment. But when I entered a group of writers and quickly found out how little I knew, there was this interesting shift in my energies and how I was approaching it. As all newcomers, I wanted to know how the professionals found "inspiration", because the only thing I felt inspiring was to have a lot to eat and a lot to feel sorry for.

There I believe that there is inspired and it is a necessary and essential part of what we do, but it is like trying to fill a bow. As a newcomer, I had to be in the "mood" to be able to start writing, and if something was interrupting this one? I' ve encountered innumerable authors who are much more gifted than I am.

And the more we type, the more we become "talented". What it's like to be in a critics group and listen to another (more talented) author reading.... then to be dejected. But what I found was happening more often than not this extremely gifted author was seldom completed. So, it was just a complete wastdown to let me get dejected.

I am one of the reason why I am in favour of authors (especially new authors) who have a blogs is that they train incipline. It'?s a difficult task to do, especially at the beginning. There' s no bad manager to put me down and fire me if I don't keep my promise. Newsmen can' t look forward to being inspiring to report on the five-alarm fire.

A thing that will destroy "inspiration" is the attempt to make your typing perfectly. Not a semifinished perfection novel has ever become an NY Times bestseller, but a bunch of shitty ready-made books. Also, authors just can't give permissions to type this crackppy first scheme. You just type. There' some really nasty hard work that isn't much fun. No.

And the more you type, the better you get. Only way to become really good at novelists...... is to compose them. The one thing many authors hold out is that they are too preoccupied with making every phrase to be so lovely that they make an angel cry. Nice fiction is no novel.

I have received many entries from authors who had dazzling fiction.... but there was no catch. Well, if we have a dilemma and also the capacity to interweave in dazzling text? And the next thing that nice fiction is exaggerated is that if we use too much it can actually hurt history.

Keep in mind that this kind of fiction is like super-rich music. So, what I really hoped you'd take away from all this is that the authors are written. You' re preoccupied with waitin' for inspirations instead of writein'? Have you ever struggled with all this and now you are a proud DANDEFREAKINGWEED of a script?

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