Is it Hard to become a Writer

Do you find it hard to be a writer?

As many up-and-coming writers, my writing career began early. The introverted six-year-old, who sat at a safe distance from the playground, kept sticking his nose into a book. So I graduated in English and became a writer. It is not easy to become a freelance writer. Authors always ask me:

Isn' it really something to be a writer? Really?

It' much more difficult to make a script than you think. A lot of folks want to make a script, but most of them give up because it's too heavy. TodayĆ½s visiting Blogger Dr. John Yeoman asks one of the questions all authors are afraid of.... are the awards really the hard work and the never-ending refusals really noteworth?

Long ago I went to a literature fest and asked a new writer in front of an audiences of her fans: "Was it really, frankly, really well-worthwhile? "Last but not least, I have the joy of being here today before you beautiful people," she stared at me, "so that someone can ask me this stupid one.

"I' ve had to compose five books and dump them, more than a million words. I' m sure she could give a different answers to my questions today. However, the reality remains: only a few writers earn a lot of dough with their books. Are writers making moneys? As soon as they see their first novel on a bookstore shelves, few writers would decide to change professions.

It'?s cash or not. I almost lost my airplane in September 1999 when I discovered my first public work at Heathrow Airfield. "This is my work! Did the cash matter to me? I would have done it, or not. I still correspond with people who purchased my first volume in 1999.

For a long time I had asked myself why writers, otherwise accountable, would regularly enter a gavott of reciprocal adoration and write contributions by guests on each other's pages. Bestsellers or newbies, a featured writer founds a fans association and enters a fellowship of like-minded people. Cash is a bonuses. The writer is creating a readership empire.

And then the readers create a writing environment for the writer. And if only so that one of these days you can take part in a literature festivals, you' ll be on a pedestal listening to someone ask you that stupid Q.

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