Is it Hard to be a Writer

Do you find it hard to be a writer?

When you write for a paper or magazine, your material is often changed so that it really isn't what you wrote. You work hard enough, you can be the voice of a generation. As a rule, successful marketing requires a lot of experimentation. Anything that works for an author may not work for you. Robert McKee, legend of storytelling and screenwriting teacher of the stars, explains in an interview:

These are the 8 hard facts that all prospective authors must embrace despite the pain.

So, what does it mean to be a writer? In general, however, it is the striving for truths.... The tireless wish to transliterate and declare the whole wide globe for others. And the call that builds up every single day and writes in the wild landscapes of the pages that have been wasted is as delicate as the thin sheet of cardboard that is hardly ever used.

As with all art disciplines, there is a certain degree of sensibility and uncertainty that distinguishes the authors. When they undress in front of the outside worlds, they are fragile and often burnt and damaged by the unworthy people. But every single working night they are throwing their rough, bare, bleeding body into the hole in the hope of locating a human being.

Someone chewing on their words, chewing them, eat them one by one, digest them completely until they are soaked up, become a part of them and flow through theirs. Cause a writer doesn't work for the whole wide planet, he just works for one people. Somebody who felt as weird, beautiful and sorrowful as him.

An individual who takes care of what is important to him, even if he has not yet understood it. Someone who has the same passion, longings and confusion about the outside universe. Nietzsche's "10 Rulings For Writers", recently published by Brain Pickings, contains this notion. And in 1882, the author wrote a nice series of epistles that laid down the 10 style principles of the letter to his beloved and protégé Lou Andreas-Salome.

Some of the first to give a guideline on what it means to be a writer, his precepts are now 10 of many when authors like Zadie Smith, Margaret Atwood, Elmore Leonard and Ernest Hemingway came up with their own precepts and insight into the writer's relentless and dangerous persecution.

It is almost not possible to sum up the suffering and ideal of any writer, but as Hemingway put it, a good writer should know everything as well as possible. Reading over 100 years of advices, knowledge and regulations about the writer's own lives, we can only try to put them back into our own words and add the teachings of hundred of authors, philosopher and poet to our own lists.

Because of the collective knowledge of the greatest writers in the whole wide globe, here are only 12 (of many) unsigned sentiments. Only the best works are finished, while they drown in total grief, all-encompassing grief and total sobriety. Good writers always write through their pains, seeping through the truth and suffering that come from true emotions.

Words should chop off the readers and soak them in the anguish that the author has just been bleeding on the page. Some of the greatest works of literary, musical and artistic creation are born out of sorrow. Look, record and take part in the universe around you, but never let it do it. As Charles Bukowski said: "Writers are distressed and when they stop being distressed, they stop being authors.

" After all, it is a continuous transformation of one's own despair into activity. Influencing a deep influence on a individual, to change who that individual is, how he views his or her own lives and how he or she will be defined around your truth is much more important than reassuring the mobs. Some of the world's greatest authors are just looking to be heard by the right folks who turn their words into something more, somethingingful.

There are those times when you "can't" demonstrate who really "can" great writings don't always flow out, sometimes they have to be carved, collided and scratched together. It won't come every single one. Let authors be the sincere ones of the aura. There' s no other point of the letter than to tell and go to them.

Scribing for glory is like peeing for attentiveness.... You never get the kind you want and are only end up in stench. One writer wrote because there is nothing else to do. It is a way of sharing, of alleviating the suffering of others and, at the same time, of curing its own. Authors aren't just envious, they're starving.

In contrast to most occupations, typing is not bound to a system. There' s not a single spelling - a type, a phrase, a proven methodology. You have as many ways to type as there are words you can make and form into phrases. It is the only piece of realism that authors can rely on.

There is never a real writer out of words, because there is a sense and significance in everything. When you are a writer, explain yourself, no matter how good or how coy. This is because authors are not determined by the number of clicks or bucks per words, but by the all-embracing desire to put words on the page.

Stopping to write is not simply stopping to work, but to live.

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