Is an Author a good Career

Are writers a good career?

The truth remains, however: only a few authors earn a lot of money with their novels. Author: What else do you love or hate about work? It' a good career? "Is she well paid? You are not sure how to choose the best career for yourself?

There are 7 great things about being a writer (and seven more that suck)

This allows an experience that few will ever have, and many more that most ordinary human beings would ask themselves why someone would deliberately expose themselves to such heartbreak. Faced with this unbelievable cross-section of happiness and desperation, inspirations and anger, and coffees and even more coffees, here are seven great things about writing, and seven more that make us all wish we had just gone to the Faculty of Justice as our mothers would.

This is the very first and very first proof that you are getting remunerated for your work that someone thinks that your contribution is actually valuable, that has a mild, enjoyable, "Oh, good for you! "If you' re in luck, you'll be getting a real cash payment. When I first got remunerated to start writing, I wasn't paying per se with cash, but with a voucher for a meal from an on-line store that had taken on a brief history of mine.

Not very good. I knew both the publishers and the shrimp industries at the inception of the project, so I sent about a dozen inquiries to agencies and writers and I think I got a whole three noes. For me it was like going to a pub and letting Gisele and Scarlett Johanson go at you at the same moment as Bob Sugar sizzle you.

When you tell folks you're an upcoming author If you're John Grisham or J.K. Rowling or E.L. James, I'm sure they're excited about you and happy you can buy a round. If you' re 23 years old, most folks imagine you in a Brooklyn café that wears the same hoodie for the 4th consecutive night and stares at a computer monitor with the intensities of a Latin general while you drink enough coffees to treat anaesthesia.

I got the call in my workroom when a publishing house made an order for The Mark. The only thing that kept me from flogging my terrible Electric Slide was working in a cabin within hearing distance of about 20 souls.

I was not only proud of myself for sticking to my letter (I had written two volumes that were refused before my first sale), but it was also a confirmation that I was really good at something I really love. If your artwork sucked, all the authors were there. This breathtakingly agitated e-mail from your journalist with an appendix that informs you that this is the idea that everyone at your publishing house totally likes.

And then you open it and be as excited as Michael Bluth when George Michael begins to meet Ann (aka Egg, Bland, Yam, etc.). If someone will take the liberty of finding your name (!) and sending you a message telling you how much they like your work, that's the thin line between calmness and happiness and a good glass of coffe.

Hassail If someone is taking the trouble to find your mailing list (or your publisher's mail) and send you a message saying how much you siphon. Once I got a parcel with a shredded copy of my third volume together with a hand-written notation. Noting this, the readers said how much they didn't like my work and that they took the necessary amount of spare minutes to reedit it for me.

My copy of the text was full of reddish ink, because this clearly healthy individual had spent long enough time reworking each page of my text for contents, grade and character. Reader meet similarly as above, but with the heat of a hand shake, perhaps an signature or image, so that you give with the same smiles you give to the folks who love your work.

Mad folks meet writers in most cases appreciate anyone who spends enough fucking free reading them. Once I received an e-mail from a female readership who was looking forward to meet me at a bookshow. It is like a second anniversary celebration with reminiscences that will last forever when someone comes to your show, even if it's a start with your boyfriends and families and other guilty souls.

Sorry I forgotten that when I was in college, I would rather rip open a brand-new case of PBR than wait to get a books number. "You should use one of my cleaning wipes in your next album! Writer: What else do you like or detest about your work?

He is the best-selling author of five mystery stories (the latest of which are The Fury and The Darkness), as well as the e-book excluding Falking Life, which has nearly 1. 5 million printed titles in nearly 20 states.

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