Ipad book

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We are happy to bring these to the iPad via Apple's iBookstore. Instead of just maintaining, we have chosen to publish a free, brief volume in ePub-brochure. It is a way for us to test the iPad as a readers and let iPad people try to read something of ours in iBooks.

It is a simple survey of some of the fundamental features of the iPad. How to get it on your iPad. Next, open Appleunes on the computer you're syncing your iPad with. Then, plug in your iPad and click it in the Apple sources tree. Click on the Account Files page and make sure that the accounts are synchronized.

It is possible to synchronize all or only the ledgers you want to synchronize. One way or another, this should be on that come-out now. Then, push the synchronize key and let Apple do its thing. It is our first project for release on the iPad, but there will be more.

We' ll let you know when new titles are available on the iPad. And, of course, you can buy our legacy PDF files and then download them to iPad for viewing with a PDF reader application like GoodReader.

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