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The choice of your print-on-demand (POD) book publisher is another matter. Learn everything you need to know about self-publication. Design your cover, print your book and market your book. Self-publication of a book is popular for many reasons. Non-traditional book publications that thrive on the Internet now account for more than eight times as much as traditional publishing.

Getting your own book published and earning technology on-line

When you want to realize a fantasy by publishing your own book, there are many firms that are willing to extracting from you for the privilege of more than $500. Self-publishing is best suitable for small series. All over 1,000 and you' d be better off going to a conventional print shop to take full scale.

There are many individuals I know who publish their own life together with the recollections of their families and grandchildren as a piece of their own familyres. This is not a vain publication, but a great way to keep remembrances for coming generation and to expand the archives of our area' s past.

Self publishing is perfect for this. Other people post their blog or picture galleries. Each year I try to get the best pictures of the last 12 month from a photography site ( in my case), so we get the equivalence of the classic photography gallery, which will last longer than my Flickr subscriptions and my HD.

And you can get a non-copyright book from the Gutenberg Non-Profit Archives or from the million-dollar book Google has been scanning (maybe for your book club) or from Wikipedia - and it's all law. So I could not face the possibility of gathering notices of refusal from editors and editors, so I chose to make myself public.

First book I made by buying 1,000 prints made in the conventional way (because it was only a little more than 500 copies). When a second book was finished, new technologies came to the salvation. I' ve used to allow you to post your artwork for free and start Second Life in the online community (at no additional charge to a member).

As a marketer, I experiment with what I call a" article placement" by adding poetry to photographs or pictures on Flickr and other pages, creating debates that would not be possible with conventional publications where the writer is removed from the readership. I' m hoping to release my new book on Lulu and an iPhone application if I can find a proper one.

So the point is that the new technologies offer new and inexpensive ways to advertise and advertise your book, and we are only at the beginning of the study process. What self-publishing site to select? Lulu has acquired We-Reads, a Facebook and other 3 million-reader online booklab.

It could help him to reach the nirwana of self-publishing: to become the book's i-tunes. I' ve had different emotions about Lulu in the last few years. There have been practical difficulties - not least ridiculously high shipping charges (sometimes more than the book's cost), week delay in shipping and payment difficulties that my reader has been telling me about.

Evidence of my last book came while typing this article, five day after I pressed the last buttom. Using their artwork, publishing is incredibly simple - just load up your script as a PDF, pull over front and back-images. There is no charge until your first order and Lulu lets you keep 80% of the revenue (after deducting the print costs for each book).

Over the past year, Lulu has grown 20% and releases over 400,000 magazines annually, which, according to Lulu, is "almost twice as much as the whole of the US publishing industry". I like Lulu for text-driven publishing, but if you're more interested in image-driven publishing, is the right choice.

It' simple to use - if you follow the simple template - and you can directly upload your pictures from other Flickr-photosites. They have an impressing reproductive level (as long as the image is good in its initial resolution) and feature photographs that they do not believe will convince in image clarity.

The Lulu and Blurb aren't the only fruits and if you have spare some of the tens if not hundred of Minnow' s that keep reappearing - while they're on their toes so they don't try to take a fast dollar from you. There' s various listings of Top Tens on the web, or just try your hand at something like Fastpencil that looks simple to use, although I haven't been following it until it's released or CompletelyNovel, which is located in the UK.

Although the electronic Revolution has turned the musical industries on their head, it is still happening at a more relaxed rate in those titles where self-publication has not yet really picked up speed. We' re asking this weeks questions is whether Apple will once again be changing the gameplay by offering an simple way to post and create a call.

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