International Short Story Contest

The International Short Story Competition

Moth Magazine currently invites authors from all over the world to its annual short story award. Writing competitions open to writers from all countries are a good opportunity to refine your craft and refine your work for submission. Their history must be written in English. This prize is for a single unpublished short story. Seán Ó Faoláin's International Short Story Competition.

Moth International Short Story Award: Close entries on June 30th

Moth Magazine currently invites authors from all over the word to its yearly short story award. ?3000 will go to the winners. The price is open to previously unreleased novels with up to 5000 words. Besides the first price of 3000 euros (approx. 3700 US dollars), a second price will be given to the winning artist for a course in the Circle of Misse in the southern French Loire Valley plus 250 euros.

A third laureate will receive 1000 Euro and all three will publish their tales in the fall edition of The Moth. A former Sunday Times Short Award laureate, Barry's City of Bohane novel won the 100,000 Euro International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. Moth Short Story Award ends on Saturday, June 30, 2018.

Please see The Moth website for more information. You can find more awards in our 2018 Short Story Contest Guidelines. The Moth is a quaterly published lyric and literary journal dedicated to poems, short films and the work of emerging and emerging people. It was launched in June 2010.

Every edition also includes two written or artistic interview sessions. Besides the yearly awards for poesy and short films, The Moth also receives unasked entries. It is preferable that the length of a piece of prose should not exceed 3000 words (up to two short stories). When you submit a poem, you will be asked to submit no more than six of it.

Authors & Performers

We are looking for short novels with a max. 2,500 words in each category on the subject of "luggage". Each year we are happy to give authors from all over the word the chance to see their works in English and Greek and also to spend a whole weekend in a nice seaside town!

The first three winning tales were released in two different manuscripts (Greek and English). There will also be an interactive first price winning interviewee in the literature mag.

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