International Short Story Competitions

Short Story Competitions

A comprehensive list of short story competitions, including global and British short story competitions. Lorian Hemingway Short Story Contest. Author and artist yearbook short story competition. Nelligan Award from Colorado State University for short feature films. Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Award of the Australian Book Review.

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This contest is for previously unreleased poetry of up to 40 rows in length. Initial entry is £7, additional contributions are 4 per work. Moth Poetry Prize is one of the largest awards in the history of the poetry industry for a unique unreleased work. There is no line limitation and you can post to any topic.

Entrance fees are 12 Euro per book. Winners will be awarded a monetary award of ?10,000. No more than ten poetry can be entered. Items can be made for any topic. For the first three submissions, the price is 5 per piece. Yale Drama Series is an yearly contest for young dramatists.

Entries must be full-length originals, unreleased pieces in English. Admission is free. Prize of $10,000 to the David Charles Horn Prize. It is open to everyone. A short poetry (10 lines) and an open poetry (40 lines). Participation is £5 per book. Each poetry topic can have up to 250 rows.

Entrance fee: $12 per poet. - The Tom Howard Prize: $1,500 for a poetry in any stylistic or gender. - The Margaret Reid Prize: $1,500 for a rhyming or stylistic poet. All persons over 16 years of age are eligible to participate. The poetry can be on any theme and in any shape and every type of music.

Entrance fee: 5 for the first and 4 for the following poetry. Their story can be placed anywhere, with any character and in any styles. There is no charge for people under 21 years of age. Contest for the over 21s is £10. It is open to all nationalities from all countries.

Tales can be between 300 and 3,000 words long and relate to any topic. Entrance fee: £10 per story. Price 1: £5,000. Contributions must be an unedited, untransmitted short story in 3,000 words or less in either German or French. History can be on any topic, in any particular styles.

Entrance fee: 15 ? per story.

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