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Via our members, IPA serves more than 5.6 billion customers through the IPA.

Via our members, IPA serves more than 5.6 billion customers through the IPA. Turkish Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk was sent an invitation by one of his publishing companies Qoqnus to the Tehran Book Fair in Iran in May. It should be speaking in one of the literature centers in Iran, on a party of his work.

It arrived in Iran, but both meetings were canceled due to factors such as "not being prepared" and "avoiding traffic jams at the ILA.

Identification of the first issue

1924 A.A. Heller and Alexander Trachtenberg International Publishers established the New York publisher for Workers Party of America literature - the immediate forerunner of the Communist Party USA. In the 1920' International Publishers published the first major works on Markist theories, among them the following:

Fundamentals of Christianity (1925), Are the Jews a racial group? His Utopia (1927) by Karl Kautsky; Literature and Revolution (1925), Ander England? in 1925 and Russia withers? by Leo Trotsky (1926); and Historical Materialism (1925), The Economic Theory of the Leisure Class (1927) and Imperialism and the World Economy (1929) by Nikolai Bukharin and Joseph Stalin's Leninism (1928).

International Publishers started a programme in the autumn of 1935 under the name of "Book Union", a group of booksellers that operated similarly to the Buch of the months Club and was paid an annuity of one dollar by its members, who then got a discount on a monthly basis in the post office. In spite of the aggressive low prices, Buch Union turned out to be unsuccessful and was dissolved after only a few years.

The Marx Engel Lenin Institute in Moscow was associated by International Publishers with three different publishers' efforts concerning Lenin's works: a discontinued collection of works, which began in 1927; a twelve-volume selected works edited in 1934-1938 in green covers; and a reworked twelve-volume issue of Selected Works, which was released in 1943 in blue cover.

Together with Progress Publishers and Lawrence and Wishart (the British Communist Party), International has published a 50-volume Collected Works of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, which was started in 1975 and finished in 2004. Initial issues of International Publishers have either "First Edition" or "First Printing (year)" on the copyrights page without a supplement.

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