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Locate the agents who will find you a distributor. Our AQ data base, however, mainly contains US agencies dealing with US publishing houses. Do you have inquiries from Canada, the UK, Australia and other global contributors looking to enter the US publishingarket? Is there any particular consideration and challenge that confronts the US frahlings of the world?

Or would you be encouraging foreign writer to be represented in their own countries first, or does a large volume have no geographical borders? Good work is good work. I don't mind where the writer is. I' ve been selling novels by London and Canadian publishers, and it wasn't even a problem at all.

With regard to pre-scriptive non-fiction, writers should realize that it means nothing to me or a publishers if you have a large Australian publishing house and your books are very well sell. Big books are big books. To be an internationally acclaimed writer can be an advantage in many cases.

In my opinion, the greatest challenges for foreign writers looking for a representative in their home country is just the shipping and handling time. Because a lot of agencies are accepting e-mail requests that are not a problem for them, and some agencies that do not normally receive e-mail requests, they may be willing to make an exemption for foreigners.

Once they have been released on another planet, some types of public relations can become more difficult, but that's no excuse not to look here for a representative if you have a history to upsell. In addition, there are more costs for postal charges on both sides (we do not allow the submission of documents electronically, so we talk about mailings and phone conversations.

I' m open for inquiries from all over the know. There are really no limits to good typing. However, the author must use English. I often get requests in French and Hispanic. I sometimes have a translator do the translation for requests in English and then post a notice in English in Spanish stating that the submission must be in English.

Or I could just answer in English and hopefully there will be someone at the other end who will do it. I have a New Zealand writer who currently resides in Australia (Cheryl Sawyer, writer of Miren, THE CHASE and Cod of Love/Penguin Group). She had to fill out an International Tax Identification Number (ITIN) with the U.S. IRS (which is no joke and a long process) to get the payment from her US publishing house.

They also need to look up the US agreement with the author's home state ( "which requires some research because the IRS doesn't make it easy"). One other disadvantage is that most of our communications really do take place via e-mail. I should also like to ask international authors to find a representative in their own countries first.

When you' re a Brit, try to find a UK operative first. And to clarify, I don't care about translations (as in a work that has been released in the author's mother tongue in his own nation and now the writer wants to have an American English version translated).

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