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Moglica - Quiet moments - A calm storm - Wake up to a dream - the blue heather jewelry of the imagination. I' m Robert J. Funches, one of many poets who has included poetry in poetry at /International Library of Poetry.

sspan class="mw-headline" id="History">History[edit] is a website formerly held by that allows authors to publish their poetry to the general public. was acquired from in April 2011 by a group of shareholders (Scott Tilson, Jeffrey Franz) on unrevealed conditions. Goal of the takeover by the New York-based privately held group of companies was to establish an Internet-based cultural expressive services company, the first being was started in April 2012 with 14 million archival verse entries, with poetry review guarantees from the current poetry collection of 60 minute or less.

Instructions on how to search for your poetry publications (Virtual Programs & Services, Library of Congress)

Every year, the Library of Congress gets hundred of inquiries from persons trying to find their poetry. Sometimes those who have recorded their poetry with the U.S. Copyright Office want to know how to get a copy of it. However, most of the time individuals will ask the library for help in searching for a verse that they or one of their relatives have entered in a poetry competition.

Usually, they find that the verse has been included in a collection of poems and ask not only for the full text of the verse, but also for information about the antology in which it appeared. As a rule, editors of such non-professional poetry anthologies hold poetry competitions on a periodic basis, which are advertised in journals, papers and on the Internet.

Nearly every verse entered for these competitions will be proclaimed a "semi-finalist" or "winner" and will be published in a future antology of prizewinning verse. As a rule, publishers encourage readers to buy a copy of the manuscript in which their verse is to appear, and sometimes they are told that the acquisition of a copy is a prerequisite for their verse to be published in the manuscript.

Publishing houses that demand that a poet pays for the publication of his works are called conceiters. Since 1980, the biggest editor of an anthology on vanity poetry and the one through whom the Library of Congress gets the most requests is the International Library of Poetry (ILP). Often, conceited publications such as the Philadelphia Institute try to associate their antologies with the Library of Congress by explaining in a letter or e-mail to participants that their antologies are saved or placed in the Library of Congress.

A lot of publics wrongly believe that this means that the Library of Congress has either released or approved their poems, which is not the case. Instead, this usually means that the antologies are either listed or filed with the U.S. Copyright Office in the Library of Congress, which does not ensure that the antology is kept in the Library.

Indeed, most hobby poetry Anthologies are not kept for the library's regular holdings. A number of publishing house records contain hyperlinks to WorldCat, a worldwide library catalogue that identifies library holdings that contain anthology duplicates. The Library of Congress does not seek to evaluate the credentials of the publishing houses below, and their incorporation into this Guideline does not constitute an approval of their operations or publication.

academy of african poets' website provides information on how to establish whether a poetry competition is legitimate and how to identifies dubious competitions and publishing houses. Default practice by editors of the vanity anthologies is debated on the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America website. Poetry Antology, Inc. Poetics in Print, Ltd.

America Library of Poetry (Houlton, Me.) hosts a Student Poetry Contest open to pupils in Years 3-12 in the USA and Canada. There are no antologies in the Library of Congress that have been edited by the America Library of Poetry. WorldCat' list includes Brilliance, Gifted and Impressions of Youth.

In 1975, American Collegiate Publications (516 Fifth Avenue, New York) released the Who' s Who in Poetry collection at American schools and academies. There are 347 writers from 217 higher education institutions and 47 states. Every record contains a short autobiography of the writer together with a model work. Though the 1975 book was to be the first in an anniversary serial and the 1976 competition was announced by the corporation, no other book seems to have appeared.

American Poetry Association (Santa Cruz, California) released The American Poetry Anthology between 1982 and 1989. Between three and five issues were printed each year. In 1984, an Milwaukee Journal report stated that the serial publisher's name, John Frost, was a synonym for the whole editing team of the group.

Participants in the competition were obliged to buy at least one copy of the book to guarantee the publishing of their poems. Book 9, No. 9 of the Congress Library contains all books. American Poetry Association also released an omnibus of Best New Poets of .... (the library has books for the years 1986-1989) and several other books, some of which are available in the library.

Amherst Society publishes the American Poetry Year from 1990 to 2001. Neither of her antologies is kept by the Library of Congress. You can find a listing of Amherst Society publications in library collections through WorldCat. The Anthology of Poetry, Inc. The Anthology of Poetry, Inc. Asheboro, N.C., has been publishing an Anthology of Poetry by young Americans every year since 1990.

There is no Anthology of Poetry, Inc. in the Library of Congress. An anthology. The Arcadia Poetry Press (Oklahoma City, Okla.) organized the poetry competition "Poetic Achievement Awards" and from 1992 to 1995 released the Arcadia Poetry Anthology, a five-volume series. Band five is called American Poetry Anthology. All five books are available in the Congress Library.

From about 2005 to 2007, Cycles of Poets (Montreal, QC, Canada) collected poetry. Poetry Vibes is the name of the volume that appeared in 2005. Clearly show your name and poetic titles and any comment you may have about the creation of your winner's poetic. "The Library of Congress has no edition of the Round of Poets and is not on WorldCat.

Six-monthly, Creative Communication (Smithfield, Utah) conducts poetry and essay competitions for college undergraduates. A Celebration of Poets is an anthology of the winner verse that will be released three different time a year (autumn, early autumn, summer). Poetic Power's website states that "the invitation to publish means that your listing was in the top 45% of the listings for your area.

Under the name PoetTree Press (http://www.poettreepress. com) Creative Communication has also released the Anthologie Broken Hearts...Healing: Juvenile writers talk about divorce, consisting of verses that have been entered into poetry competitions for creative communication. There is only one single creative communication book in the Library of Congress: There are a number of other antologies included in WorldCat.

Pittsburgh (Pa.) organized a competition "Contemporary Poets of America and Britain". The four competitions, which took place each year in 1993 and 1994, ensured that the 100 winning entries would be published in an American and British edition of the American and British Anthologies of Modern Literature, although non-winners could acquire an edition to ensure that their poetry would appear.

There seems to be only one antology every year: an autumn 1993 antology and a winters 1994 one. One advertisement for the only book to appear in 1992 states: "Poets can buy as many pages as they like in the book. "One of the editors of the book was Deanna Marra.

From 1979 to about 1987 Dorrance Publishing also produced an annually anthologized book on America's modern writers. As mentioned in an advertisement in 1983, the publication "offers the reader the possibility of enjoying the works of both new and previously written writers. "WorldCat identifies those who have volume in this serie.

In 1994, Dover Beach Poetry Press (Newport Beach, California) released at least two articles on non-professional poetry: Golden Dreams: A modern poetry Anthology Presented by the Library of Congress, and Shadows in the Moonlight Presented in WorldCat. In 2008 Eber & Wein (Shrewsbury, Pa.) began promoting an "Open amateur Poetry Contest", also called "National Amateur Poetry Contest", its first ever antology Verses & Visions:

New day, released in 2009. Library of Congress has no Eber & Wein monographs; several books are in WorldCat. In accordance with an archive of a poetry competition page from 2012 on the Eber & Wein website, the sale of a literary work is not required for the publishing of a literary work, although the publishing house retains the right not to publicize a literary work for any reasons.

Also, a poem which has been excluded from the competition may continue to be accepted for citation. It is not necessary to make a purchasing that must be contained in this antology. The Pennsylvania State Department reports that the head of the Pennsylvania State Department is Rachel Mueck, who may be related to Eric Mueck, a former staff member of the International Library of Poetry.

Boer & Wein Papers shares the same ISBN premix (978-1-60880) as World Poetry Movement Papers. Furthermore, the Global Books in Print subscriptions data base indicates that World Poetry Movement Anthologies will be released by Eber & Wein. While the Library of Congress does not own any of this company's antologies, WorldCat does list data sets for several antologies from other collections.

The Famous Poets Society has been associated by some with John Campbell, publisher of the now non-existent World of Poetry Press. The Forward Poetry (Peterborough, Cambridgeshire) is one of the biggest British publishing houses for hobby poetry. Ian Walton initially established it in 1989 under the name Forward Press. The Forward Press was wound up in November 2010, but was soon transformed into Forward Poetry.

Bonacia Ltd., the mother of Forward Poetry. conducts a number of competitions, some of them as part of the Poetry Rival Impressum. Among the prestigious publications are Forward Press Poets, Young Writers Write & Shine, Poetry Rivals and more. There are no forward poetry books in the Library of Congress collection. There are many forward press Anthologies available through WorldCat.

Following an archive of its website, publishers Editorial House Grünspring (Greenspring, Md.) released a collection of articles entitled Whisperings - A Collection of Short Poems. And one of the antologies she has written, possibly from this episode, is the one she has written, entitled White. Library of Congress has no antologies edited by Globalspring Publishers, nor are any of its books in WorldCat.

Youngspring Publishing may have been associated with another Maryland based firm, the League of African Poets: Youngspring Publishing has pointed out that two of his antologies are Inspirations and Reflections - A Collection of Short Works, both of which are also released by the League of African Poets. The Iliad Press (an impression of Cader Publishing, Ltd., Troy/Sterling, Mich.) has been publishing poetry collections from about 1990 to 2004.

As part of the Iliad Literature Awards Program, she held several poetry awards each year. Iliad Press's antologies usually give us backgrounds on its work. Take for example the 1995 Musings anthology: Each year Iliad Press supports four literature awards. The Iliad Press is offering a top price of $1,000 and 99 other money and/or commodity prices.

The competition regulations are changeable without prior notification. Iliad Press has a number of Iliad Press anthologies in the Library of Congress from 1990 to 1996; other anthology owned collections can be identified through two listings in WorldCat. Some but not all Iliad Press articles contain a list of authors. The poems, literary works and non-fiction won from the competition were printed in the Verses journal.

Between 1988 and 2009, the International Library of Poetry (Owings Mills, Md.) was the best-known editor of poetry and anthology books by Vanity Poetry. When you have entered your own verse in a poetry competition during these years and it has been chosen for inclusion in a poetry collection, there is a good possibility that your verse has been accepted for inclusion in the ILP.

In the 1980' and 1990' the ILP worked mainly by post; in 1997 it started operating the website The ILP went out of business in March 2009, and the suite (not the business) was bought by Lulu self-publisher. Lulu's website shut down on 4 May 2011.

Archive version of the website are available through the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. A Delaware corporation, Newton Rhymes, LLC, took over the domains in May 2011. Newton Rhymes launched in January 2012 with a browseable poetry submission to before 2012.

Visitors could browse this poetry databank by signing up (for free) to As of September 1, 2017,'s website was revamped and its conditions of use showed a new ownership, namely hold gold, LLC (Park City, Utah). There was no way to find earlier poetry submissions to on the newly designed website, and it could no longer be used to find poetry you may have posted through the ILP.

At the beginning of April 2018, the website of ceased its work. When your verse has been released in an abbreviated text unless you know the name or ISBN of the book in which your verse has been released, it will be hard, if not difficult, to find your verse in the press. Each copy of many different articles produced by the Institute has contained various types of poetry.

Even if you know in which antology your verse will be printed, your verse may not appear in every copy, or even in most prints. Often people who ask questions confuse the name of the serial (e.g. Under a Quicksilver Moon) with the name of the antology in which their verse is to appear.

When your verse has been released as part of an Illinois Library (ILP) publication it is usually imperative to know the ISBN or name of the particular antology in the publication in which your verse will appear. Below you will find a listing of the most important classes of anti-ILP antibodies. Regarding each episode, we enumerate the individual antologies contained in that episode.

that were part of this show. A number of competitions were organised by the Illinois Poetry Society for British Nationals, and the winner British poetry was often written in Sittingbourne, Kent, England. Among the published Sittingbourne ILP Athologies are: You can find the title of the various philosophies of intellectual property in several different ways.

First you can view an archive of the website to get a listing of many titles published by Institute of Physical Physics (ILP) from 1996 to 2003. Secondly, the Library of Congress keeps a number of 1988-1999 ILP Anthologies in its collection. There is a listing of these antologies (sort the listing by date of release to facilitate browsing) in the library's on-line catalogue.

Between 1995 and 2008 JMW Publishing (Blue Springs, Mo.) released several books and individual collections, among them the Passages in Time; Prominent Voices in Poetry; Reflections; Seasons of Change; Timepieces; and Visions serial. There are no JMW journals in the Library of Congress; lists for some items are available through WorldCat.

It is possible that JMW Publishing was associated with the publishing house America Press (Odessa, Mo.). You can find an US press release on WorldCat. League of America ( Baltimore, Md.) has released several books, among them Treasury of America Poetry; Inspirations: Library of Congress does not have League of Poet antologies and does not appear to be in WorldCat.

MacGregor Hill Publishing (Tampa, Fla.) released an annual high school poetry anthology._GO. Library of Congress veranstaltet nur The Twelfth Annual High School Poetry Antology (1996). In this issue it is pointed out that more than 6,000 works have been entered for admission to the album. National Arts Society (Pass Christian, Mississippi) released the Anthologies serie Poems of Great America as well as several independent books such as Windows of the Soul, Poems of the Great South and Poems from the Last Frontier:

Proprietor of the firm was Jim Stratz, who co-edited the book's articles with Jerry Medina. There are no National Arts Society publications of the Library of Congress. Multiple items in other library locations are catalogued through WorldCat. In the mid-20th of the 20th centrury, the best-known editor of high schools poetry anthologies was the National High School Poetry Association (West Los Angeles, California), run by Dennis Hartman.

NHSPA's early series of anthologies, The Young West Sings: Antheology of California High High School Poetry (1938-1942), contains poems that are only written by California high schools pupils. Soon there followed two anthological collections: Young- America Sings was sometimes called the annual anthology of high-school poetry and was featured in many annual local issues (for example, in 1959 there were 25 local issues of the anthology).

Each year, the collection of books entitled Poetry Society of America, American Poetry Press, and American Poetry Society, entitled Song of Youth, seems to have assembled a selection of poetry from the Young America Sings collections. In the 1943 book of Anthroposophy, "the choices contained herein were considered the best of a thousand submissions to the National High School Poetry Association, from which we obtained approval to reproduce.

" From 1944 to 1983, the publishing house conducted a similar poetry competition for student poets under the auspices of the National Poetry Association and the National Poetry Press. From 1944 to 1975, the winner verse was featured in the America Sings series (according to WorldCat, it includes alternate titles): Biennale Poetry Review Collegiate, Autumn 1968 Case 1970; Young America Sings, Early 1971; and Poetry Review Collegiate, Early 1972-1975).

Between 1976 and 1983 the winner of the Poetry of the Winners competition was announced in the College Poetry Review (Agoura, Calif.) section. A selection of works of poetry from these journals have been printed in the Pegasus ( 1964-1983) collection with the author's consent. A National Poetry Association publication, an Anthology of National Poetry from 1949 to about 1983, consisting of poetry written by educators and library staff, was also made.

Many of the issues of this book from 1958 (19th edition) to 1982/1983 (33rd edition) are kept by the Indiana State University Library. They have also released several collections of poetry by students chosen for inclusion in recent years' antologies under the heading Voice of Young America. Library of Congress contains a series of NHSPA/National Poetry Association publications.

It also has several independent works that have been edited by the National Poetry Association, among them the Rhyming Dictionary: Dictionary of Rhymes (1949), Dictionary of Poetry Terms (1959) et Writing Poetry : An Beginner's Guide (1961), as well as the Antology Poetry for Libraries (1953), which, according to the anthology's publisher, contains a selection of "the nearly 400 local antologies that we have written each year over the last sixteen years...that can be used for working in the office, on all public festivals that take place during the year".

New York Poetry Foundation (125 East 87th St., Box 4C New York, NY 10128) has released a set of articles entitled The National Poetry Anthology. There are no New York Poetry Foundation books in the Library of Congress. At WorldCat, we list the following items that are in libraries: The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library can also host the 1988 issue of the National Poetry Anthology.

Poetry Center (Orinda, California) released the Anthology collection Many Voices, Many Lands under pressure from the Shoestring Press. Volume 1, No. 1 (Summer 1987) is held by the Library of Congress. Will Stratford " is the publisher of the show (perhaps a play on William Shakespeare). In WorldCat, several individual catalogs are listed that contain Volume 1, #2.

Poetry Center also lists other poetry publications through WorldCat. Poetry Guild (Bath, Ohio) organized up to twenty poetry competitions each year. An anthology by Jef Sturm or Terence Troon. For many Poetry Guild antologies, you can see title and release information in Google Books. The Poetry Guild and the International Library of Poetry fused in 1999.

There are no poetry books in the Library of Congress issued by the Poetry Guild. Poetics in Print, Ltd. Between 1997 and 2007 Poetry in Print (Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, UK) produced poetry books on the subject of poetry. Library of Congress has no poetry in print publication; several tile from other library are in WorldCat.

Poetry Institute of Africa (Scottburgh, KZN, South Africa) has been publishing poetry collections from about 1997 until today. Library of Congress hosts two Poetry Institute of South Africa anthologies: It' an Anthology of verses from Africa and under the sky of Africa: It'?s an African verse Anthology. You can find a listing of other manuscripts in the library - the latest from 1997 - through WorldCat.

Joann Joubert is the present proprietor of the Poetry Institute of Africa. From 2003 to 2006, the Poetry Institute of Australia (Cleveland, QLD, Australia) held one or more poetry competitions each year. She started organizing competitions for pupils in 2004: a Junior School competition for pupils under 12 and a High School competition for pupils between 13 and 18.

The editor stated that no charge was necessary to guarantee the incorporation of the winner verse into an antology. The Poetry Institute of Australia Anthologien beinhalten Lost in Thought, Reflections in : The Poetry Institute of Australia Anthologien beinhalten Losst The Poetry Institute of Australia Anthologien beinhalten Lost in Thought The Poetry Institute of Australia Anthologien beinhalten Thought : The Poetry Institute of Australia Anthologien beinhalten Lost in Thought The Poetry Institute of Australia Anthologien beinhalten The Poetry The Poetry Institute of Australia Anthologien beinhalten Lost in Thought The Poetry Institute of Australia Anthologien beinhalten The Poetry : and Opal Shores, as well as the pupil Anthologies Symphony of Stars and Mud Puddle and Dandelions. None of these items are available in the Library of Congress; some are in WorldCat.

Poetry Institute of Canada (Victoria, BC, Canada) provides poetry and shorts stories competitions for adult and child students. You can find the anthology title in the on-line bookshops accessible via the Poetry Institute's homepage and the website for young people. A poet or author whose verse or novel has not been chosen for inclusion in the anthology is not required to purchase the work.

Library of Congress has only one book on Iceland that is edited by Poetry Institute of Canada, Island Journeys: This is an anthology of the verse from Canada (1996). Others in the library are in WorldCat. In the 90s, Poetry Unlimited (Mt. Pleasant, Tex.) released several collections of poetry, none of which are in the Library of Congress.

Just one antology, Ages & Stages, is on WorldCat. From 1981 to 2002, Quill Books wrote a number of articles on the subject of non-professional poetry. She first anthologized under the publishing name Poetry Publications, Reflections from Tranquil Waters: Much of his title consists of several books that have been edited over several years (e.g. Treasury the Moment has at least eleven books edited between 1996 and 1997).

Two Quill Books, Down Peaceful Paths (V. 11, 1991) and Echoes of Silence (V. 13, 1996) are available to the Library of Congress. You can find more library items in two WorldCat listings. The Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum, Inc. The Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum, Inc. Sistersville, W.Va., released two collections of poetry in the 80s and 1990s:

Nearly the entire editions of both sets will be organized by the Congress Library. You can find a listing of Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum publications maintained by other library members through WorldCat. Sparrowgrass's last volume of poetry was released in 2000. In many of his competition ads, Sparrowgrass noted that "the acquisition of âAnthology may be necessary to guarantee publication," so if you did not buy an âAnthology at the point when your verse won a competition, it may not have been released.

He has an anthology of authors which can be reviewed for approval. Sparrowgrass competition laureates often won a Distinguished Poet Award. You can view an archive of the website via the Internet Archive. In October 2001, West Virginia's Office of the Attorney General issued a news bulletin that said the firm was compelled to make more than $4,000 in rebates to customers who ordered but never obtained its poetry collections.

According to the news statement, "Company President Jerome Welch says that the publishing house has seen an unexpected drop in commercial and fiscal difficulties, making it impossible to execute orders placed earlier this year. "The British publishing house United press (Burnley; London) was established in 1997; its first volume seems to have appeared in 1999.

You can find a listing of many of her earlier 2008 antologies on her website. Someone must be a UK citizen to enter a verse for review on United Press' principal website, but non-UK citizens may enter verse on The UK Poetry Library's website, which is an United Press Limited masthead.

There are no anti-logies in the Library of Congress that have been released by United Press, although many of its individual manuscripts and authors' manuscripts are available through WorldCat. The World of Poetry Press began as a newsletters on August 1, 1975. The two employees at the company were Eddie-Lou Cole, Poetry Editor, and John Campbell, Editor & Publisher.

The World of Poetry Press sponsors up to a dozen competitions each year and usually awards a top award of US$1,000 with up to a hundred awards of US$10,000 or more. Laureates were often said to have won the Golden Poetry Award or the Silver Poet Award. "An anthology includes a list of authors.

World of Poetry Press Great Poems of Our Time was apparently released in 1993 by the National Library of Poetry as one of the last books of the bankrupt publishing house. There are five collections of the Library of Congress that have been edited by World of Poetry Press: You can find a listing of other World of Poetry Press items in library collections through WorldCat.

World Poetry Movement (Park City, Utah) organized an "International Open Amateur Poetry Contest". "According to the competition regulations (archived from the archives of the Internet) the participants have "the possibility to publish their poems once by the World Poetry Movement in a bound tape and on the Web.

" The World Poetry Movement has released two multi-volume serials, Star in Our Hearts and Great Poets Across America: Celebration of the month of national poetry. By 2012, the most beloved collection of the World Poetry Movement International will have been Who's Who in Poetry 2012. Bibliothèque of Congress has made many inquiries about this collection of anthologies.

A lot of people who have posted poetry on the World Poetry Movement homepage seem to have been chosen for inclusion in this article. Moreover, the website, which appears to be linked to the World Poetry Movement, has enabled poets to send their poetry for publishing in a book of this serie.

After all, it seems that some individuals who have previously entered their poetry in non-professional poetry competitions run by other organisations, such as the International Library of Poetry, have been sent e-mails directly asking them to enter a book into this campaign. Show secretary's name is Judy Lynn.

The recipe data base Print in at least one book of the International Who's Who in Poetry 2012 was published by "Poetry Productions. "Often, the addresses provided to those who have been asked to contribute to this show are the same: WPM employees may have provided information for an antology in e-mails to subscribers about the purchase of a World Poetry Movement (WPM) omnibus containing the initial sentence "Library of Congress Library of Congress reference number.

" This may indicate that the Library of Congress is associated with the work or has given it an ISBN, but this is not the case. ISBNs are not assigned for volumes by the Library of Congress; any US publishing house may acquire an ISBN through the U.S. ISBN Agency. In fact, the Library of Congress has no world poetry movement antologies.

" The World Poetry Movement launched a series of poetry competitions through the website, which is no longer actively involved, focusing on a particular theme or individual, in particular prominent people (e.g. Lady Gaga, Natalie Portman and Justin Bieber). The World Poetry Movement publication shares the same ISBN preferred (978-1-60880) as the Eber & Wein publication.

Furthermore, the Global Books in Print subscriptions data base indicates that World Poetry Movement anthologies will be released by Eber & Wein. According to the Books in Print databank, the latest collection, the World Poetry Movement, was released in June 2013. There are few bookshops with non-professional poetry Anthologies and they are hardly available on the bookshop shelf.

The majority of non-professional poetry publishing houses, especially the Eitelkeitspresse, directly distribute their antologies to the winners of the competition and do not distribute their books to booksellers or librarians. Occasionally, at the wish of a library member whose work is republished in the library, a library acquires an antology, or a bookshop undertakes to keep one or two paper editions at the wish of a client.

In order to help librarians who own a copy of an American poetry collection find what they are looking for, it is best to browse WorldCat, a worldwide library catalogue containing material from approximately 72,000 librarians in 170 nations and territories around the globe. When you want to buy a copy of an American poetry antholy, your best choice is usually to look for a copy available in bookseller databanks such as AddALL Used and Out of Print BookSearch, Alibris, and

Anthologieverlag is still actively involved, you can directly turn to the publishing house to check whether it is possible to acquire a copy of it. The International Library of Poetry is an example? is to print different poems in each copy of anthology their publish.

Even if you know the name and other publishing detail for the antology in which your verse was originally written, your verse may not have been reprinted in every copy; in some cases, the only copy that contains your verse is the one you buy directly from the publishers.

Usually the only way to make sure that a particular copy contains your verse is to review the index of authors. Because your verse may appear in only one or two copy of a dozen available in bookshops and library stores, a thorough poetry research may involve contacting all bookshops and library stores that have the antology in which your verse is to appear.

Unfortunately, even a thorough research does not ensure that you will find your work.

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