International Book Publishers List

List of international book publishers

Wendy Pye, Wendy Pye Publishing. The following is a list of some of our international publishers with the titles of their Orin and DaBen books. Looking for a publisher for your next photo book? With a huge list of international photo book publishers, this is just the super helpful resource you were. Fiction and international fiction in translation.

Global industry notes: World' s largest publishing houses

As China occupies a firm position at the top of the list, a new sales rankings for 2015 shows that the "Big Five" are not necessarily the biggest in all sector. This rankings is derived from the Global of the Publishing Industry, an yearly Livres Hebdo list edited jointly by Vienna-based advisor and Publishers Forum Directors Rudiger Wischenbart of Bookdao, China, The Bookseller, UK, bookreport, Germany, Publishers Weekly, USA, and PublishNews Brazil.

Pearson has asserted its position as the world's biggest book publishing house in 2015, but that does not mean that the British firm has not taken up the challenge. Pearson's overall income, Milliot notes, would continue to drop from more than $7 billion to $6. 6 billion last year. Nevertheless, Milliot sees the five biggest publishers in the global market in 2014 as the five top publishers in 2015, whose sizes will be defined by sales in 2015:

Many will be astonished to see that the Big Five at Fachverlag are not the largest in the world when you consider all areas, such as schooling. China is one of the world's leading manufacturers, with both 6th and 7th places taken by China: China South Publishers and Media Group ranks 6th with sales of $2.8 billion in 2015 and Phoenix Publishers and Media Company of China 7th.

More China Publishing Group Corp. in the top 20 are at No. 17 with $1. 4 billion; a new participant to the list, Zhejiang Publishing United Group at No. 18 with $1. 4 billion; and China Education Publishing and Media at No. 20 with $1. 2 billion.

Milliot notes that China's businesses were included in the list when they began to "provide auditable financial figures", and this year five of them are on the list, accounting for a fourth of the top 20 publishers. A few of the more well-known publisher titles that can be found on the rankings. For example, the Perseus Books Group was divested to Hachette Book Group USA (acquisition of the Perseus editorial division) and the Ingram Content Group was divested to the Perseus sales entities.

In Italy, Mondadori's offer to buy RCS Libri was accepted, a step Milliot wrote to strengthen Mondadori's position in the 2016 list. For the complete list and Milliot's comments click here. He has also worked with CNN International,, CNN USA, the Village Voice, the Dallas Times Herald and other theatres.

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