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This is Horatio Alger Junior, books by INTERNATIONAL BOOK COMPANY. Furs Company, fur trade, cross-country trips to the Pacific. The International Book Project promotes literacy in underserved areas of the world, both at home and abroad.


IBB's missions are to raise the level of overall alphabetization and promote learning by helping the design and dissemination of literature and other learning material to marginalised people. Educating and assisting Liberia writers, journalists and graphic designers. We are working together with the Liberia NGO We-Care and our long-standing partnership organisation in Canada, CDE. Assistance to a rights and licences workshop to help the tribal publishers develop.

Kick-off at the International Book Fair 2017 in Ghana; course available on this page. ibbb is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation established under and under the law of the State of Maryland. As we have no salaried employees, we work with a completely volunteer board of directors, mainly from the areas of training, publication and internationalisation.

Together we can keep supporting and making a real impact in the promotion of alphabetization.

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Over $200 million in orders are processed annually through electronic data interchange, e-commerce and conventional means. Our track records in on-time execution of orders with an on-time processing time of one working days are high. We serve publishing houses and distribution companies that are able to concentrate on their editing and distribution work.

We' ve extended our offering to offer print-on-demand for restocking or print-to-order for natural assets and over 200,000 stocks in our portfolio. We' re looking forward to showing you how we can help you cut costs, cut your costs and achieve your future and now.


The International Book Project gathers, assorts and sends out endowed works in reply to inquiries from all over the globe. The International Book Project supports alphabetization in undersupplied areas of the globe, both at home and abroad. The International Book Project believes: - Dignified and worthy of a second lifetime! IBP is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organisation established in 1966 by Harriet Van Meter that has sent more than 6 million copies abroad.

It is our missions to educate and literate while increasing American people' s awareness of their neighbours by distributing more than 300,000 copies of our literature each year to peace corps students, librarians, churches and peace corps members in both the United States and emerging countries.

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