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Gimme her a lot of trouble to make the story more interesting. These are four of our go-to tricks when it comes to writing about interesting things. Have a list of interesting ideas that you can come up with. Same amazing story with a description, though I firmly believe yours was better. Her focus was on the emotional course of a story, not just its plot.

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Banned from her town, a young shape-shifter goes on a trip to find her place in the realm. A normal and normal daily and normal living..... For Jessica Autumn Twill, things weren't very interesting to say the least, but when she delivered a mystical package to an old mansion in the woods, everything changes.

15-year-old Mika thought she'd never get a date for the remainder of her live. And then two young men come along - one of them from their previous lives. As Sienna, her vendor sibling, is planning to ignite a new vendor race into today's mankind, Sakura must act as a vendor slayer in her father's shoes.

This is a gothic, bloodied story with a fierce sense of humour. Boys scores with girls; boys scores with mobs; boys, girls and mobs try to rescue Japan from preternatural slavery. In a playful environment, four children face enemies and beasts. Two best mates, Gwenhyvair and Ceridwen, have been longing to find the other one.

Calista, a female noblewoman from Rome, deals violently with the destruction of her fiancée's kingdom. And what happens when these two get together in the wild of Sengoku Jidai? She is a young woman who on her 18th anniversary had to escape from her house and become a farmer, a farmer lad who has more than a farmer's dream, an angry little prince and the will to put things right.

Do you know the story of Cinderella?

36 Plot-Twists that will knock you out

Many years after Amir sold out his boyhood pal Hassan, he starts to make up for her past - but he is learning in so many unexpected ways how a unique experience could change her life forever. It tore my whole body open and made my mouth lie on the ground too often to be counted.

The guardian of my sisters had already made me cry in hysteria - and then, in the greatest turn of the event, I was totally heartbroken for about a whole month. It' my favourite textbook of all times.... but I totally do. That turn hurls everything that went before it right out the sash. Then I had to lay in the darkness and work through the way Martel had extended (and exploded) his story.

It' totally dazzling; I've been reading it four more and every single day I'm aghast. Emily B. A little girlfriend who knows that she had an car crash the previous summers but can't recall what it was? Their disclosures and the whole ending were so shocking that I put the script in a time-out for a good ten moments before I angrily glanced through the beginning of the script to see what kind of clues I had been missing (there was a ton)!

I' d suggest this work to anyone who wants a story that makes you so committed that you can only end the work in one session. Not only one, but two intensive secrets of homicide - freaky interlaced, although they were more than 100 years apart.

Mark H. My favourite is in Gone Girl. So if you haven't seen the film yet or you haven't yet seen or listened to what the twin is, just let it all go and start watching it right now! Kelsey D. -Shannon B. This is one of the best I have ever studied and recommand. There is the big secret of the whole volume that you are trying to find out while you' re readin' it, but there are also some smaller mysteries that interest you.

Infinite turns and suprises in combination with beautiful, cranky figures make this one of the best enigmas I have ever known! The Westing Game was one of the books I got TOTAL. Yes, I did as a child, but I still think about the end of a century later. I' d suggest this volume to any "child in the heart" with a passion for the secret and an interest in the darkness of ordinary sin.

As Mare, an everyday red-flowered maiden, discovered that she has silvery power, everything is foregone. This big turn is so erratic and surprising that you stop for at least 20 min to look at the walls and just be aghast. That' s The Killing Lessons - with enough raging activity and madness to keep you far beyond your bedtime.

  • Charlie R. I was reading this work over five years ago and it is still the greatest story I have ever encountered. You' ll think you know the turn, but you have to believe me: -Ceimone K. The girl on the train had me on the verge of my chair the whole while. I had the idea from the twist: "What the hell just happen?

Jessica D. This is by far better than Girl on the Train and Gone Girl. But when you get to the first turn, it takes your head off. I' ve been reading for six consecutive hour and skipping supper to end it! It' not one twisty one, but two....and the last one is an outrage.

And the good thing is that even if you skip to the end and go through the last pages, you won't get it if you haven't already been there. This product is not your accustomed racy adventure story, so it elasticity you case to try to divine who the perpetrator(s) is/are. I have never been so dumbfounded in another work.

That big turn of events wrecked my whole existence, and I hate it. Caution: Do not reread this if you are slightly annoyed about the..... Stephen King's whole Dark Tower show is incredibly astonishing, but the last turn in the last volume just stirred me up. And I tried to figure out how the story would end as I reread it, and I didn't even see it comin.

Completely overwhelmed - I ALWAYS think about it! I had already been reading the first two Maze Runner novels, so I thought I knew what I was getting at. I am a really great story twister, but this one has confused my brain in the best way.

It was so interesting and convincing, which made the two-way so good - it was so scandalous and was not used as a tack. I was struck by the story in this case like a platoon! It was the intriguing premises and the interesting personalities that kept diverting me. -Masha M. This thing is just plain magical.

It took a great deal of self-control not to tell a stranger about it. Seriously, it's just too good not to be reading. Plus, I need more folks to talk about it! Well, that two-winged guy made a difference to everything I thought I knew about the whole show.

All I had to do was put the ledger down and go away. Reading the script is from the point of view of a somewhat clumsy but still enchanting psycho-patent - that's all I'm saying to you. It' a kind of thriller/horror kind of thing I'd never seen before, but I was immediately thrilled - and in a few lessons I was.

You' ll find and explore her world as she tells it for a new story, and folks will tell you that the turn is crazy - but you'll still never know what struck you until it strikes you. When you ask this interrogation, you have definitely not been reading midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

One man is on trial for murdering a famous boy prostitute, but that is only the tip of the iceberg because the Savannah, GA, presented in this volume, is full of odd, excentric and erratic personalities that always leaves you astonished. Yes, there are the bossy patriarchs and the rebel daughters, but also a lot of ghosts who are paving the way into the world to distort the destiny of the whole Trueba family.

Terrible, historic, hilarious-they' have something of everything. I' m blown away by this one. Anything you know and believe about your private sphere, the quest for information (and the plot!) is uprooted. They wraped me up verbatim within a few month after I was through. It' bitter-sweet' is like a sand that can be seen with a little verve.

With all the racy and odd turns, I was compelled to complete the script in one go - and then ask my boyfriend to start reading it so I could discuss the ending. There are so many beliefs, destinies, loved ones and life colliding in this book: This is a more subtile story, which nevertheless made me struggle for breath, the first novel from Naples depends on a surprise change of perspectives.

Who, exactly, is "my bright friend"? If you saw Leo in the movies, I don't mind - you have to study this one. Rylan L. Do you want great reviews in your mailbox every time?

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