Interesting Fiction Stories

Some interesting fiction stories

An unforgettable love story in fiction. A simpler, less interesting, less attractive bird cannot be found. A large online library of short feature films with monthly features and additions. They can and should start with almost anything you find interesting. We help you to create the scene, build characters, describe them, name them and find out how they fit together in an interesting story.

The best fiction 2015: Outline' and'Purity'.

A hundred and a summer after the August cannons were heard, Louis de Bernieres gave us this moving novel, which follows the fate of three teams of World War I. He thus added a dignified entrance to this year's stories of bomb fighters with enchanting life (see: A God in Ruins) and offered us a glimpse from the foxholes, the hospital and the British landscape.

"So what are we to do with so much unexpected survival?" asks one of the characters. Murray's dry dialog flourishes in the financial theatre of the absurd, but his humanistic note highlights the sign and emptiness in something surprisingly touching, a song of praise for individual relationships in the midst of tables and speculations. In the midst of a procession of small-mindedness and strangeness, he slowly finds in himself an ingenuity and a prying charme that turns him into a strangely compelling heroe.

" In the aftermath of the explosion, the destroyed lunar shattered the earth with self-destructions, making the Earth's surfaces untenable and dragging a small bunch of people into space, where they are clinging to human existence and slowly transforming themselves in a curious, fascination. Together with Kim Stanley Robinson's Aurora and Paolo Bacigalupi's The Water Knife, Seveneves shows that sci-fi is tougher, more ambitious and stricter than ever about the fragile futures of our people.

Half a centurys later Kamel Daoud's novel addresses the history of the still sad brothers of this undisclosed, shot down Arabian, for whom apathy is a luxurious thing he cannot do. D'Aron Johnson has escaped his fictitious home town to study at California University, but he is taking three of his new boyfriends home to testify to the totally non-fictional contradiction that is the "new" South in which he was raised: a whitish, wiped-out Dixie, where it's okay to party the civil war, because it's high school.

Linke is slow in writing stories, and not very often - but they're all just great. There is a tale of a young woman taking charge of a holiday home whose strange inhabitants make strange, wonderful appliances. Someone else will meet her on-line enthusiast in a conference room, one for the dentist and one for the superhero (what is he?) left so delightfully and tenderly blends the wonderful and the commonplace that you will never find the stitching between them.

Lauren Groff's novel does not seem revolutionary: it is the tale of a couple narrated in half, one for each other. Teddy has an almost strangely eventless existence in comparison to wartime, but Atkinson finds in it unfathomable levels of personal experiences and emotional depth.

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