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Autobiography of the must. Below you will find a list of well-known autobiographies: These are the best cook autobiographies this year. Biography Autobiography Military Books online. Obtain the best biography Autobiography Military books on our marketplace.

Great autobiographies of all time | Top autobiography list

Among the best autobiographies ever published are memories of prominent personalities, writers, politicians, and more? There are a number of autobiographically relevant works in this catalogue. Several of the above mentioned titles have proved to be life-changing reading. Most of the biographies presented here are probably recognizable if you are an eager autobiographer.

Should one of your favourites be absent, please include it in the Favourites page. Any of us who like to read a nicely crafted biography will be thankful! If we talk about the best autobiographies of all time, any listing without Anne Frank:'The Diary of a Young Girl', as well as'The Autobiography of Malcolm X' and Frank McCourt's heart-rending (and humorous) memoirs would be'Angela's Ashes'.

Not only are these remarkable autobiographies, they are certainly among the best non-fiction of all.

Sifting of the best autobiographies

Well done, an Autobiographie can be one of the most enlightening - and mighty - of all the literature. Seven autobiographies are sure to attract your attention: Extremely adversities, whether sickness, dying or mourning, are one of the most fruitful media for memories and autobiographic works. However, few have referred so well to such extremes as the famous writer Jean-Dominique Bauby in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (Le Scaphandre et le Papillon), released in 1997.

Joan Didion's daugther and reporter, Quintana, was admitted to hospital in 2003 with a case of pneumonia, which led to a serious September 2008 outburst. Though often a hard reading, Didion's attempt to end her career the year after her husband's murder while taking care of Quintana is a strong, tender and often ironic look at the anthropological answer to the enormous mourning.

The Year of Magical Thinkingdidion won the 2005 National Book Award for non-fiction and the Pulitzer Prize for biographies or autobiographies, described by Reader's Digest as "breathtaking memoirs" that illustrate "why your mind needs you to spend every night reading". The writer Andre Aciman was borne in Alexandria and grew up in a Sephardic Jewish community that migrated from Italy to Turkey and then moved to Egypt.

He had a woollen factory and his family was very wealthy, as were the remainder of the alien family. Having fled to Paris and left much of their noteworthy regional histories and cultures behind, Aciman's memoir is a beautiful piece of living, full of people' sorrow and humor about the ephemerality of time.

"Everyone, like the writer of this work, will look back on their years in Alexandria with the melancholic wisdom that the past cannot be recaptured," the New York Times said when it was published in 1995. Publisher's Weekly described it as "a wonderful souvenir of a place, a period and individuals who have all disappeared".

Partial memoire and partial profile of Martin Amis' dad Kingsley, a short account of the author's early life, sometimes in the shape of a note to his close relatives and close one. A moving, bizarre and often quite odd novel that received enthusiastic criticism when it was published in 2000. In a 2014 listing, the Daily Telegraph described this odd memory as one of the "20 best autobiographies and autobiographies of all time".

"If at any point in your lives you have fought against fear or felt like an outsider, you will want to include these funny, insurgent memoirs from 2012 in your read list," says Reader's Digest.

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