Interested in Writing a Book


A shower of interest. I' m not a writer. My ideas are really fabulous. An enquiry letter is a letter asking whether the publisher is interested in publishing your work. As hectic as I am, I'm going to write a book.

It seems like Jump to Book Publishing is taking so long.

Publishers of books of interest to Muslim authors

The following is a listing of publishing houses that are of interest to Muslims. While some of these publishing houses are "Islamic", i.e. they mainly produce publications for Moslem readership, others are SECUARY but often produce publications on Islam from a politic, scholarly or historic view. They also include multi-cultural publishing houses. Please enter a remark if you know of another publishing house to be added to the mailing lists.

These lists are for information only and we cannot guarantee any of the publishing houses on the lists. Look at this encyclopedia of active contributors from Islamic authors. Publicers in Canada: Publicers in the United States: Publicers in Great Britain: Publicers in India:

Publicers in Saudi Arabia:

I' m in a novel because the web said.

I posted a review on the web a fortnight ago. In 5 working hours I was contacted by publishing houses and manufacturers about books, television and movie copyrights; I am now working on a novel. You know, when someone asks for help with the move, you never get a pile of thoroughly packed crates; she hadn't made up her mind what she wanted to do.

Later on, between mixing crates, my dear friend asked why I was so bury in my cell called. Above all, however, I had a number of publishing houses and manufacturers who were involved in books, films and television broadcasting as well. They are genuine individuals from genuine and large organizations, and I am still a little bit pissed off by the enthusiasm of the whole thing.

As frantic as I am, I'm going to write a script. I am still working on the detail, but I will move on to a set of brief amendments that will be available on-line and will be assembled into a full-length print version as requests continue. This way I am not too tied to narrow appointments and retain full artistic liberty.

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