Interested in Writing a Book


Do you try to get in touch with people who are interested in your writing? Would you like to write your family history? Allow me to encourage you to do so. It' not as hard as it seems. Perhaps you're the family detective and archivist.

Are you interested in writing?

A few years ago I was a new writer who began the trip to self-publishing from the ground up. This is a compilation of blogs about self-publishing and writing. I' m constantly adding new entries, so please look back! Good fortune in writing! New York Times bestseller list.... are printed textbooks out?

Review of publisched works

When you are interested in writing a official commentary on a book that has been posted, but have not been asked to do so, it is best to consult the publisher or the editorial staff responsible for co-ordinating the respective periodical, newspaper or high-profile blogs to assess their interest in the publication of your commentary and ask for guidance, such as the wordingline.

When you have been approached by an editorial or other individual and asked to post a book review, we suggest that you follow these writing tips: Contact the editorial staff or the editorial coordination department of your writing reviews to verify this information if you are unsure.

Add the book titles and the name of all the book or book titles you are examining to the book titles in your book report. Ensure that the full book titles as well as the shape and notation of the name of the writer exactly match those of the book you are publishing.

When the book is aimed at a particular public by topic, add a link to that public in the first section of your book reviews. Comments on the suitability of the book for this group. In particular, if it is a research work, you should provide comments on the author's or authors' references.

Comments on the qualitiy, clearness, accuracy, usefulness and availability of the contents in the first few sections of the reviews. Indicate what is special about the book. Annotate any subject about which the writer or writers write well and add quotations from the book if necessary.

Annotate any topic the writer or writers leave out that you think is important. Towards the end of the book reviews, list all available competitive or similar works and give comments on how the book you are reviews is compared to these works.

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