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PLACE Story Maker Whiz (Foundation). Sophisticated writing frames for endless story options. You can download a template to quickly start creating your story. Follow Martha & friends in a series of interactive non-fiction books and videos! Or you could use your imagination to make a fake story.

Martha speaks Story Maker on the App Store

Martha Speaks Story Maker lets you make eight different interactive tales with Martha reading the story you just made. All your histories are stored in your local archive and can be retrieved at any time. Or you can try out any new words you've ever learned in your story! For more information about PBS KIDS' data protection policies, please go to

Content of this application was created under a cooperation contract #PRU295A100025 of the U.S. Department of Education. This content is not necessarily the Ministry of Education's policies and should not be endorsed by the Federal Government. To keep your kid busy to read, please have a look at Daniel Tiger Storybooks or some of our other great applications at!

Worked well for a while - the story option went out too. "Martha " and all figures from the "Martha"-books are registered trade marks of Susan Meddaugh.

ThemeMaker 2

We' re pleased to announce the launch of StoryMaker 2.0 from the public beta! story maker is an open sourcecode application that lets anyone create great multi-media storytelling and more. It can be produced and published securely on their portable dev. A catalog of new packages will be added to the definitive released versions of the game.

Contents packages offer tutorials, tutorials, and new story creation tools. Have a look at the catalogue and start writing better tales today! Models: Quickly start by downloading a template. Stencils offer step-by-step proposals and a choice of hints to help you enhance your story. Lectures: As well as a dozen tutorials to help you write a great story, this version contains more than 50 sessions with examples in Arabian, Persian and Kirundi.

Leader: And if you'd rather study hands-on, join one of our tutorials, such as Mobile Photo Basics, or team up with your buddies and find out how to make better videos. You may need to click "Continue" the first you open a package if it has been fully download from the catalogue.

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