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Telling stories has been around as long as humans have. Stories games allow users to create and build their own stories and live lives or experiences that are not their own. Story Rich, Choices Matter, Indie. Interactive storytelling - from computer games to interactive stories. Children work with quiet words in this enchanting interactive story.

Interactive story games generates $14 million last months mobiles

With well over $10 million in the last few months alone, the continuing surge of interactive storytelling for cell phones is still a great source of revenue for the top applications. Apptopia, a leading research company, researched the seven most sought-after publications in this genre, among them Choices, Episode and What's Your Story? and found that they received a total of $14 million in February 2018.

Together with the $12.5 million in January, $12 million in December and $10 million in November, that makes $52.2 million in the last four month. Aptopia did not announce which were the highest earner. All of these tracks are based around a similar design: gamers browse through visually inspired novels and then select what they want to do next with their charac t. The characters are then shown in a different way.

As well as the inventive tales, many of them have partnered with IP owners to build adventure on the basis of pop movies and TV shows. Some of the income comes from sponsorship for certain plot strands and advertisements, but also from the sales of avatar, which opens up new story opportunities for the game.

In the US, the survey shows that with almost 45 percent of gamers between 10 and 15 years of age and a further 35 percent between 16 and 21 years of age - together 80 percent of the public for these games - have the greatest demographical significance. Not surprisingly, they are particularly well received by the 78 per cent of the crowd.

AppleTopia reported that the three most beloved installments of 2013 - Choose Your Story, 2016's Choices are: What are you playing and what's your story from last year? Because of their longer lifespan, episode and choice have the most recent live user, although What's Your Story? is expanding fast. The Episode and Choice management was two million and slightly more than 1.5 million.

Other games investigated were Lovestruck, Chapters, My Shelf and My Story. The seven games have been played more than 11 million downloads since January 1. "with new games appearing in the top chart every week." Undoubtedly, the popularity of these magazines has turned many minds in this area.

Wooga last weekend said it would return to story-driven, random games, a policy that unfortunately resulted in about 30 lay-offs.

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